Jeff Lloyd has Christie on his mind and FNMs are pushing for a 2018 early National Convention….


Bahamians just might be headed back to the polls in less than one year since the FNM got elected… Early signs of internal collapse in Minnis-Led Government

Minister Lloyd, PM Minnis and Minister Sands.

Nassau, Bahamas – Minister Jeff Lloyd had former Prime Minister Christie on his mind as he opened the Deaf Awareness Week of Activities in Rawson Square on Sunday Nov. 12th.

Minister Lloyd, while addressing those gathered, read the proclamation from the Prime Minister to the audience. But there was a mistake. As Minister Lloyd read he said, “…I The Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas declare…”

Persons in the audience began looking at each other and saying, “What in da hell is this?” The Minister didn’t correct himself, being so caught up with the idea of possibly replacing Dr. Minnis soon.

Meanwhile, FNMs want an early convention in 2018. Sources tell us an all out war has erupted deep inside the Cabinet and some are backing a Duane Sands bid for the Leadership of the FNM.

But we understand any threat to PM Minnis will be responded with an abrupt shutdown of the Parliament and a WRIT of Elections issued. PM Minnis is not playing with dem! Meanwhile, PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis is organising big-time and is readying his PLP Party for any emergency event. PLPs met in a major council meeting last week.

But PM Minnis could now be in even more trouble as the press has come down with a rain of editorial terror on his administration.

The early FNM convention is being backed by the lost soul Abaco Dragon who wants PM Minnis gone before 2018 ends. He was seen having a big lunch with former PM Christie to organise the attack.

We report yinner decide!