Key Suspect wanted by police in that car threft ring captured just hours after BP breaking report…


Jamaican National heading that crime theft ring was nabbed in Eastern New Providence…

COP Ellison Greenslade - taking a major bite out of crime.

BREAKING NEWS coming into Bahamas Press right now confirm police this morning following BP’s breaking Car Theft Ring report -between New Providence and Exuma – that that Jamaican National, believed to be at the centre of the crime ring, has been captured.

We can report the suspect went underground after police caught onto their trail. The suspect was nabbed in the Eastern part of New Providence.

He, along with two suspects out of Exuma, are expected to be charged in the theft of more than 36 Honda vehicles out of New Providence.

So far 18 have been recovered and some 6 have been returned back to the capital. Police need your help to help fight crime….. NEWS BREAKING NOW!!!

‘Catchin’ hell and calling it a good time – Bahamians are having it hard once again!

Take a look at this shot on the Tonique Darling Highway early this afternoon. Four men ; including the driver, is seen here fetching this vehicle to the Shell gas station on the Tonique Darling and Milo Butler Highway.

Millions spent on superhighways but yet the people cannot find gas money.

We PAPA DEM belly full but we hungry.

We report but yinner decide!