Leave My Woman Alone!


We must learn how to respect each other in this community!

Vandal leaves message on a car.
Vandal leaves message on a car.

Nassau, Bahamas – This was the sign left on a vehicle this week warning the driver to “Leave My Woman Alone.”

The message proves that many in the town cannot find better ways to resolve conflicts. In these days of acceptance one just cannot conclude if the message is from one male to another, or from a female to a male but from the looks of things this type of vandalism is just not acceptable.

One would think that if you are with someone and they have no serious commitment to you then you should just leave the relationship! Not so. Some people are not just aggressive but possessive when it comes to their relationship and it appears they would do all in their power – even if it comes to taking the law into their own hands – to have their way. This makes no sense!

Bahamas Press warns the vandals here to respect people’s property. Stop Da Violence before the victim in this case responds in a way that would be regrettable!

We must respect each other no matter the situation.

We report yinner decide!

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