Letter to the Editor of Bahamas Press


A letter to The Prime Minister

EDITOR, Bahamas Press

I respectfully request you to print the following open letter to The Prime Minister of The Bahamas.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

It seems more and more apparent as each day goes by and crime escalates, our tourism market affected dramatically, Bahamians black and white, PLP and FNM are terrified to venture out, the international community are in a writing frenzy about our crime, international property owners here are buzzing with disappointment, and you, our Prime Minister, appear to be sitting, watching and speechless; quietness is deafening us and I feel, and I think your party supporters feel helpless, lost disgusted, fed-up, had enough.

Tommy T has got to go, sick and tired of his mouth talk, no action. Whatever agreement you and the hierarchy made, whatever you promised, whatever is holding you back, you better let it go and deliver us from the crime stricken era. Because your party members, your supporters have had enough.TRINIDAD-AMERICAS-SUMMIT-INGRAHAM

I am afraid you are going to wait for the public at large to start taking matters into their own hands. Private, small businesses have had it, the economy was bad enough, but watching our Prime Minister do absolutely nothing is pitiful, disheartening, discouraging.

I do not mean to be disrespectful, Mr. Prime Minister, but Bahamians have had enough. Crime is everybody’s problem and everybody needs to help fix it but the government needs to fix the Judicial, the Judiciary system, the Attorney General’s office, Police. The prison, corporal punishment needs to be addressed now not later.
If you cannot handle it, sir, you need to step aside. I am a long time FNM and I have had it with crime and the discussion surrounding Tommy T.

IF Big Bad Brad was smart he would ride this crime thing right straight through. Crime has everybody ticked off. Big Bad Brad, I am FNM, a white Bahamian, start a campaign to get a serious “non-political” parade to march to the Prime Minister’s house to ask for action. You start it and I will be the first person to call and say “I will be there.”

To “My Prime Minister” we as Bahamians have had enough, had enough of Tommy T. If you can’t handle him, we will fix it for you next election. Tired of talk, Police do a good job, lousy leadership, I think police need a temporary fix with an extra 1,000 officers from perhaps USA.

By the way, you are hard pressed to find a policeman, I wouldn’t speak of a police car, not to mention a bike cop. Where are they? Seriously, you drive around tourist spots, Fort Charlotte, Fort Fincastle, Perpall Tract, Bay Street, don’t even try 6 a.m. in the mornings when some tourists are jogging Paradise Bridge, downtown, West Bay Street. It would be nice to see a cop every two or three miles.


Nassau, December 8, 2009.


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