Paul Moss speaks out on the plight of the straw vendors


paul-d-mossNassau, Bahamas – “I wish to congratulate the government in finally agreeing to a contract for the construction of the straw market after delaying it for almost three years” said Paul Moss upon learning that the government awarded Cavalier Construction the contract to build the new market.

He went on to say “I also congratulate the Straw Market Vendors for their patience and long suffering in this almost decade old saga.

“It is bittersweet because this market was destroyed in 2001 and the governments of the Bahamas have been incompetent to get it going and it means that the 2 year construction time period will make it a total 10 years without the market. It is gross incompetence but I am happy for the vendors, the tourist industry and all that benefit indirectly from the market”.