Live Shots of a House Fire Today in South Western Carmichael


Bahamas Press was rapping up an investigation in the Bacardi Road area when we came across this blaze on Carmichael Road. It occurred in a squatter’s village on the northern side of the street. Scores of Haitian/Bahamian residents stood paralyzed as homes burned one after the other. The fire consumed what appeared to be three wooden houses in the yard. However, fire fighters quickly battled the blaze. Sadly though, tonight some people are out of a home, and as one of the victims noted, “All my papers are in the house in this fire.

Bahamas Press is currently investigating/following up on a story we posted some weeks back from World Focus. It is on the burning of trees to produce coal for export to Haiti. Bahamas Press has eyewitness accounts of trees being burned all across Nassau for coal production and shipment.

The massive fire over the weekend just west of Bacardi Road was started by such a group of coal burners. Bahamas Press has received information where it is reported that a truck on Tuesday (April 14th) morning was seen leaving the area hauling huge loads of coal from the charred bushes just west of Bacardi Road where the fire began. One eyewitness also discovered a huge coal pit not far from where the fire began.

We find this practice very disturbing and call on leaders of this country to PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT FOR GENERATIONS TO COME!


  1. Would the members of the public should let our Fire fighters and the Police know so that a stop could be put to this.

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