Lord of the Privy Council, Lord Bingham Passes Away


Lord Bingham

Bahamas Press has also learnt field senior and top law Lord, Lord Bingham passed on Sunday at age 76 of lung cancer.  Lord Bingham was a member of the Privy Council.He was highly respected in the legal arena for his profound judgments that too are relied upon heavily in a lot of our cases.

He was also the driving force behind equality for the minorities as he backed the Human Rights Act and spoke out heavily against the invasion of Iran by Britain. He is a supporter of respecting International laws of which we are bound. May his soul rest in peace.


  1. Privy Council….perhaps? I’m a fan of the site, but the spelling errors are beyond old. Now they’re just annoying. You should at least use spell check. Maybe you could utilise my services as a proofreading consultant.

  2. BP, what is up with all of this sad news this morning, but as you requested my prayers are for all epically Mr. Key, whom you reported had a surgery recently, I hope that he is well.

    AND May the others rest in peace !! We must live each day as though it would be the last day.

    So BP I hope that even you can report the news as you have it and please stop been malice, it hurts me deeply, so may malice on BP Rest In Peace as well.

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