School Boy Stabbed at CC SWEETING HIGH TODAY

A mother and her son watched as the Police searched a number of under cover male Students from the CC Sweeting Senior High School and two adult male who were stopped in a black Maximum on Welling Street in Bain's Town. Photo by Rodney Moncur.

Nassau, Bahamas — A fight between two rival school gangs resulted in a 15 year-old student of C.C. Sweeting being stabbed on the premises shortly after 10.000am this morning.

BP has learnt the student was stabbed several times about the body with a knife. It is believed that the students were part of two gangs who were just transferred to that school from T.A. Thompson Junior High. The student’s injuries are not life threatening.

Mrs Deloris Ingraham, wife of the Prime Minister, is principal of CC SWEETING. We are told a strong police presence was called to the scene.

BP can also tell you according to our sources, that the student who was shot in the head on Monday is indeed a gang member. It is believed that he was shot by a rival gang member.

Tommy Turnquest GATS TO GO for failing to protect the children of the NATION!


  1. firstly, i agree that parents should take the responsibility but i also feel as though like the saying says, ” you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink”, and thus thats the way it is with the touths todays i’m soure some of them come from homes where the parents are involved or try thier best to be involved but the child has alredy made up his/her mind to rebel, at the end of the day everyone has thier power of choice, if that young one feels like thats the life for him well then thats the life for him,its sad, but such is life, and as far as blaming tommy turnquest, i dont think the whole blame should be on him maybe a little, but definitely not the whole blame, even if he administers youth programs the kids still have a choicer whether they want to partake, at the end of the day it still revolves around them, thier choice in the matter, people, all we can do is pray…..God help this country.

  2. “Two-Edged Sword & Queen” Pray tell me, how is the Minister of National Security responsible for the continued upswing in various criminal activities.

    This is typically the Bahamian way, to find some one to blame, and by jolly, who else but the politician.

    I will shout this out quick, “ine defending or carrying the water for no politician”. I believe they have their share of responsibility, which includes detecting and bringing criminals to justice.

    I believe, and all honest men will join me in saying that The Ministry of National Security has done a yeoman’s task in capturing criminals and bringing them before the courts.

    so, to these two nut heads, I hasten to invite you to look far and wide around the world, and you will be hard press to find a government or a minister responsible for crime who has successfully decrease the level of criminal activity, outside of capturing, bringing to justice and probably giving the criminals long term sentences.

    one politician, who BP loves to beat up on got it right a few months ago, when speaking on the floor of Parliament, said ” lawyers, who vigorously defend these criminals, knowing their track record, are as much the blame as the criminals themselves.” and ofcourse I paraphrased a bit but thats the essence of what he had to say. and I certainly believe him.

    So, to The Queen and the Loverboi, if we are politicking on the issue, people could kind of understand where ya coming from.
    But to make “arsenine” statements like ” Tommy Turnquest is to blame for the level of crime.” man is just wrong.

    what percentage of the responsibility are you placing on the culprit, the person who commits the crime. or the hell with him, let Tommy Turtnquest shoulder it. he is being paid.

    Remember people, Tommy aint gonna hold this job for ever ya know, so I guess, the blame transfers to the new man or woman…….

    “Do Lord, help our dark understanding”

  3. @ Loverboi,

    Tommy as the Minister of National Security is MANDATED to enlarge, maintain and preserve the SAFETY of the Bahamian people. He and his Ministry have FAILED to develop programs / initiatives that deal with crime. For Christ’s sake, Tommy hasn’t even seen the f****** need to issue a national address! He should be ashamed of himself and RESIGN! His lack of leadership on this issue is most apparent and his desire to EVER become PM is DEAD!

  4. It is partially tommys fault loverboi. He’s getting paid to keep crime at a low. And now it is off the richter scale in this miniscule island. And the problem with him and Toad Ingraham is they don’t say squat. If you can’t do your job, resign!!

  5. BP you can’t blame Tommy… He has police to deal with these matters but even the police can be at two places at the same time… So you need to think before you post things like this okay…

    • I agree, Mr. Turnquest did not stab anyone and he is not responsible for the unruly young hooligans. PARENTS are responsible for the mess.

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