Man shot on Stuarts Cove bus this morning…


file photo overlooking the Prince George Wharf.

Breaking – Information coming in quickly now confirms we have identified this morning’s homicide victim.

The victim is ‘Han’ Neely. He was shot while on a Stuarts Cove Bus in the area of downtown Nassau near the Prince George Wharf.

Gunmen opened fire on the victim using high-powered weapons killing him dead. CCTV in the area should be able to quickly track down the suspects.

Now yinner should know that ‘Han’ is one of the brothers in the Pinewood Neely clan. His brother was just killed on a construction site in the back of Esso (old City Market store) at the roundabout on Baillou Hill.

Our intel confirms that ‘Hans’ is supposed to be one of the good ones, but his close relative, Brent McPhee, Jr., is presently serving time in jail for murder. The victim also has two more brothers Aaron and Duran Neely also locked down in Fox Hill for serious crimes.

News breaking now….