Marvin Sands alleged crimes against children read like a rap sheet out of hell


<<< The former music teacher at Oakes Field Primary, Marvin Sands, is alleged to have molested more than 20 juveniles while teaching music at schools around the country. Sands will be arraigned before a court of law today.

Nassau, Bahamas — When Marvin Sands is brought before the courts today there should be some serious question put to the ministry of education for its failure to CATCH THE PREDATOR!

Sands you should know is the man now on police bail for ‘feelin’ up six 10 and 11 year-old girls at the Oakes Field Primary School. The music teacher has a rap sheet on such acts and a paper trail from the Education Ministry has left BP in a state of shock!

We told yesterday how Sands was dismissed from Queens College, the new dollhouse on Village road back in 2008. We are told while there female students and parents filed a series of allegations against Sands. However, the school did not do its homework, for had they do what BP did, Sands would have never gained access into that institution.

Our deep throat in the Attorney General’s office confirms, “Queen’s College was not the only place where complaints against the teacher had been filed. We know of cases stemming as far back as 2004 at the C. R. Walker High School where he did his internship. Sands was also transferred to the R. M Bailey during that same year. At both institutions complaints from alleged molestations to fondling had been filed on his records. How the accused end up from a high school with these complaints to a primary school is beyond us. That is a question only the ministry of education can answer.

BP can confirm prosecutors will file indecent assault charges against Sands in two of the six complaints under investigation by the ministry of education. But this is just the beginning of our story.

Bahamas Press has taken our investigations into the halls of a church sanctuary where Sands is a musician and has discovered some 5 complaints logged against him with church members.

Back in 2005, we know, the church came under the fears of the law as parents of a 15 year-old at that church decided to file a complaint against Sands. Bahamas Press understands an emergency meeting was forced to hush the issue and once again as like the victims at CR WALKER, RM BAILEY, QUEEN’S COLLEGE and now at OAKES FIELD PRIMARY, the matters were swept under that ‘DUTTY’ rug.

Sands is a relative of two high-raking officers on the RBPF one of which is the chief bodyguard of Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham.

BP now asks the following questions to the ministry of education:

  • When were they made aware of the incidents unfolding at Oakes Field?
  • Why Sands was not immediately suspended at the beginning of investigation: Particularly in light of his track record?
  • Who made the decision to have Sands returned into the public school system despite countless records of complaint on file in the ministry of education?
  • Who vetted Sands for the job and returned him to the system to prey on CHILDREN and young children?
  • Why is there no record in the RBPF on these countless complaints made by victims to the police?
  • Were there efforts by authorities to cover-up this FLIT?
  • When will the principal of Oakes Field be removed for failing to protect, the little darlings?

We call for heads to ROLL AT THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION! We call for a Commission of Inquiry or a Select Committee of the House of Assembly to investigate these numerous incidents of abuse by teachers. There are too many complaints being filed and the authorities appear silent on the issue.

BP finds this dereliction of duty appalling. We find this entire ordeal to be disgusting and should be dealt with utmost blunt force by the authorities. We have no compassion for pedophiles that prey on children much less babies. “WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE IN TH SOCIETY?” THEY HAVE NO SHAME!!!!


Sands seen here in this video on Controversy TV on the beach in the dark with an underage young girl.


  1. WoW. When i was a student of the Oaks Field Primary School in 2007, a girl in my class filed a complaint about Mr. Sands. She was called into the office and her parent was called. No one listened to her when she said that he feeled her up. Adults tend not to listen to children, and now look at this he was caught.The Ministry of Education needs to have more thorough background checks of the people they let into our school systems.

  2. Wow I think they have a programme called Gems tohelp little girls but Gems is also a social group in the United States to guess what help under age girl 12+ who are engaged in prostitution wow is marvin the pimp

  3. If the Bahamian people thought this article about Marvin was an eye-opener, you need to read BP’s other article that was released on May 8. I never knew about all these things about him. My, my, he really needs help.

  4. When the unrighteous are in power the people moan.Has anyone noticed how all of our institutions have been tarnished?We cant trust the babysitters now?Lord help us all.

  5. i believe the most dangerous people in this country an worldwide are religious people, check out the wars of the world going back to the beginning of time to now….they have many dark hidden secrets, an it is always about MONEY AND FAME, just ask the many overnite Bishops, and Clowns walking around town looking for JP, status and favours from the Government. Papa I think it is time we checkout all the so called churches bank accounts, I feel as If many person are being hoodwink of millions of dollars in the name of the lord. Yes the churches are filled with crooks and gangsters in the pulpit just ask Rodney Roberts and brother Randy, brother Sands in freeport.
    Same on all these Fake artist

  6. You let the Devil fool one of them to go mess with my nephew who I love as if I was the one to give birth to him, see if I will be sitting around waiting on any verdict to come down in any court. He is a good boy and I don’t need no teacher screwing up his head and getting him mix up in things what he is not ready for. When the time is right he will have sex, aint no need to rush him into it. He has his aunty full support, has long as my eyes are open, I will make sure he does something constructive with his life. No Sir, I can’t seat down and watch his right being violated and let it go like that. I don’t know how other people is do it, but I am not one of them.

  7. The stuff that goes down in these schools are just mind bottling. Teachers using the students for sex. We the public here upset with the grade point average, wondering why the children doesn’t seem as if they are learning anything and here you have it the teachers there raping the children. Then what is eat me up with the teachers, they are quick to walk their a**** up and down in the heat petitioning for salary increases or things that are beneficial to them, but the minute one of their colleague are accused of raping innocent children they act like the cat have their tongue. I mean you can’t hear nothing from them.

  8. Most forgot,

    How do you good people feel about the latest story about the teachers and the sex allegations in Freeport? Or can we not talk on behalf of the students on that too? Do you think the girls DESERVED what happened? Maybe we have to keep our mouths shut until the case comes up, eh? Don’t give your opinion. The teachers are human though, so maybe it’s ok for somethnig like this to happen to under aged girls. How do you all feel? Sorry, let’s not talk about it, let the case run it’s course! My apologies again.

  9. Thank you Ironfist and Concerned Citizen for attempting to help your friend Thirdeye out!

    Concerned Citizen: Definitely a friend of Thrideye because you have the same language (have to CURSE to get your point across, yet it’s still not getting across to anyone) Do you have kids? Do they speak like that too? I hope not. Talk about why society is like it is. How old are you???

    If the parents reported the situation, why did anyone else have to???? HELLO!!! These thing are inidicated in BP’s article above (you read it, eh?) Like my good friend Thirdeye stated “LET’S READ BAHAMAS”.

    Really, I don’t care if no one agrees with me. That won’t help the case if you do or don’t, eh???

    Seems more like you all are not allowing ME to have MY freedom of speech????? And YOU ALL are becoming upset because I am voicing MY opinion. What’s going on here???

    Someone said Bossie Blossie – has a nice ring to it! Am I becoming a Bahamian Icon here??? I never knew me expressing my concern about young children would get me a name like that, it’s ok though. I’ll be Bossie Blossie for the sake of the kids since no one else will.

    Like my good friend Thirdeye said Que Sera Sera.

  10. Ironfist you can’t really blame Blossie because she is still has a right to voice her opinion, niether can you blame the others but they should all know that the burden of proof is what stands in court. As for Queen B, I don’t know who side she is on she seems confused. Thirdeye, I agree with you because truly if everyone thought like blossie we would have no lawyers to represent people. If you are charged you are automatically guilty. the law does not operate that way. We are entitled to hear all the facts on the case better yet let the jury decide if there is one. But my concern is how are these kids functioning now knowing that they have to face the world for something that’s not even their fault? Does anyone know how long the accused was at Oakes Field before this story unfolded? What about the child? and what do the other schools have to say?

  11. It seems like bossy miss blossie running around pointless issues with Thirdeye and others! YOu debating your views but they can’t then you going tit for tat you forget about the case and making it personal. How old are you? Yall ine leave no space for me to comment man. But Psalmist, Thirdeye, and Inkinuki look like they had more substance in their views all you indicate is your personalacquaintaince and facts you can’t attack people because they don’t agree with you If he guilty i hope they lose his hip in jail better yet cut his things off But ease up cuz I just decide to follow this up and you turning me off you come like you bullying people cuz they don’t feel what you feel Thank God you ine those little girls lawyer You Airbagging about the past and history of what he did talk the facts so that others may know. This ine no competition bout who have the last say you getting lil too touchy

  12. Thirdeye,

    Glad you’re reading your own comments! You are beginning to sound very confusing again man! You are having to clear up your statments way too much because you’re very easy to read into. Ignorance is bliss. LOL!

    YOu said there’s nothing that I can bring forward that you can’t refute? Questionable!

    As you say, Que Sera Sera! You did say that right??? Please go back and check your comments before responding!!! LOL!!!

  13. “I’m done blogging away I resume in October when the preliminary case will be heard”.You don’t have to wonder I know what I wrote. Anything in reference to the case I have nothing else to say. “Que sera sera” was not referring to the case. What will be, will be was meant for you and your opinions. Do you ever pay attention? I should have been more specific reason being you are always missing the point.

    I can blog on anything I wish other than the above subject matter with the accused. You have turned this into a personal game for yourself and I will leave you to play in solitude. I am not afraid to quote myself as I have been doing in the last set of comments, there is nothing you can bring forward that I can’t refute. I’m glad you’re in high spirits..keep it that way.

  14. And yet still the idiot missed the point. Blossie, I am convinced this is just a joke to you now.

  15. Hi Thirdeye,

    Thought you were done blogging until October??? Really, these months have gone by way too fast! LOL!! October really came quick!

    I wonder if you read your own comment?? Here’s back at ya: LETS READ BAHAMAS!! LOL!!

    You’re a great blogger though! At least you didn’t curse this time. LOL!!!

  16. For all of you who said that you know Marvin Sands and you know his past history….I THINK ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE THROWN BEFORE THE COURTS WITH HIM! If you knew his constant attacks against minors, why was it kept silent? Blossie….please tell me, WHY DID YOU KEEP SILENT TELL NOW? We really need to stop this shit in this country, JUMP ON THE GRAVEY TRAIN WHEN IT START ROLLING. From day 1, that young man should have been charged for his crimes. You say you care about the young victims, but you don’t. If you did, you would have not “ACCEPTED” him back constantly and hide the tarnished past they had. YES some questions could be brought up like Third-eye said; Was he too affectionate to his students? Were his actions misunderstood and many others that would question the legality of the situation (innocent till proven guilty). But if you say you KNOW he sexually assaulted little girls and you did nothing, then you are a CRIMINAL. Blossie, you are an asshole and I am equally disgusted of the fact that you said you were aware of certain situations. DID YOU EVER REPORT IT? NO! His family did……so shut the fuck up. Really, you’re just a fish market add-in. Beating around the bush you got no sense. You say you have the facts, but you never used them. Now sit your ass down and let the court case roll. And if that man walks free, I say the police come after YOU AND OTHERS who knew of the situation and never reported it. Poor young girls.

  17. Thirdeye,

    I take back my comment that you were an intelligent person. Obviously, you’re not if you have to resort to obscene language to make your point. So sad, but that’s ok.

    By the way, I’m not closed minded, just a person who knows the facts!

    See ya!

  18. Blossie,

    Stop jumping to conclusions trying to figure out who is who, Why are you so upset because I am nuetral people like you can only stay in the Bahamas. My occupation has nothing to do with what I think. You think in a box. If I am the judge on this case and I hear your story you want me to convict the man without knowing the facts. STOP MISSING THE POINT YOU IGNORANT BAHAMIAN.

    Stop jumping to conclusions abou twho is who and upper class lower class INDIRECT OR NOT I spoke of what I would notice as a parent you don’t have to be rich to observe your child’s behaviour. No I don’t have a monitor on my child’s every move but a prayer is sent up every morning and everynight before my child leaves my presence. Stop reading into everything and missing the important facts because I did state “Not saying that it can’t happen to me” You are a closed minded individual. No one is defending anyone however you have a problem because my mind is not made up to label the man as guilty. Upper Class/ Lower Class wherever you think I belong is your opinion which has nothing to do with what we are speaking..Which goes back to my point It’s way over your head! You missing the points that I am bringing forth. And STOP ASSUMING when you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U/ ME hope you saw that I spelled it out. I’m done blogging away I resume in October when the preliminary case will be heard. Yes Blossie you blah blah. I’ll wait until the substantial facts are brought out for the trial to proceed or desist. You speak like you angry people don’t know of this man’s past whatever needs to be proven leave it to the professionals. And did I not state “I am a parent I would feel heartborken for any little girl or boy who is molested”. No one ever indicated that the girls weren’t molested. YOu sure knew of the history I don’t. I am here and now. Let the case unfold. I feel sorry for Bahamians who don’t know the real meaning of “Freedom of Speech”.

    BP, I’m done.

  19. Thirdeye, for some reason, I missed your 3:45 comment.

    You are just a bit too intelligent for yourself, really! You said if it was your child you would have known from the first instance? Better watch your words, you may regret saying them one day. So indirectly you are saying that the parents of this child were negiligent??? Yes, you know a little too much and I sense a bit of stereotyping in your comment. You must feel like you’re from the “upper class” and this little ole poor girl and her family are not? Things happen in strange ways at time. I assume you track your children down everywhere they go and know absolutely everything about them? You are pretty loose with your words and now I really see where your comments are stemming from. A teacher??? Anyway, I’ll leave that alone because I read into things way too easily.

    Parents should not have to be calling in at their children’s schools to make sure that they are not being molested by teachers. Yeah, Thirdeye, maybe this is what this parent should have done, eh? I’m sure that’s what you have done or is doing with your children since you are so confident that you know EVERYTHING about your children. Pretty smart comment, by the way. Yes, you are highly intelligent and from the upper class LOL.

    But I must say thank you for responding to my question asking how you would feel for the child if Marvin is found to be guilty. I know it’s not a very important question for you and it may not matter much to you, but thanks for FINALLY answering. You did mention something BRIEFLY about the child on an earlier comment before you went on defending Marvin.

    Thanks again for responding!

  20. Psalmist,

    You said..No such thing as blameless…..we make mistakes. Yes, we do. But the amount of times the SAME thing was done does not qualify it to be noted as a mistake. Think about it..

    If I steal from you today and ask your forgiveness, I may not be labelled as a thief. But if I steal from you about 6 months after the first offense and then again at least 8 times after (example only), you should label me as a thief, eh? If you don’t label me as a theif and continue to leave things in my reach, something might be wrong with you. “….what should we say then? Should we keep on sinning that grace may increase? By no means!” Romans 6:1- 2a.

    Marvin obviously has a problem and needs deliverance. Yes, we all need some level of deliverance in our lives but when the problem is as such that involves other people, and it is done over and over again, the law has to step in if it’s not dealt with in the church.

    I can’t help saying again just how sorry I feel for the innocent children. We as Bahamians need to start listening to our kids and stop thinking everything they say is just a bunch of foolishness. Imagine how withdrawn this child must have become and how she cried in secret and wondered what she did wrong. Thank God she didn’t commit suicide. And what do we as a people do when we hear about it? Forget about the children who probably felt extremely afraid to tell someone about this in the first place. Then she finally build up the nerve to tell someone about it and then we all feel sorry for Marvin and forget about how this will leave a scar on the innocent child’s life and how she was so brave to open up and speak. No wonder our society is so plagued with foolishness today like incest, rape and the like.

    Listen, I have nothing against Marvin as a person, but he got away with plenty for way too long.

    Hear the words of Jesus in Matthew 18:10:
    See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.

  21. My only question is can these young children come forward??? If they come forward then what? What bout the 15yr old? Where is she? Why is everyone hidin? Mr. Sands is well known all over and so are his actions towards young girls…. Come forth! Lets put this monster away!

  22. Queen B,

    Is there such a thing as blameless in today’s world??? We are striving toward perfection but yet we make mistakes. Yes God is able to forgive us of ALL of our sins BUT that still doesn’t change the law WHAT EVER A MAN SOWETH THAT SHALL HE ALSO REAP, that’s the word.

    I don’t know much about him or his church but I would doubt the fact that his leaders would NEVER talk to him about it. But however, who knows. The truth will be told.

  23. The cries of the innocent children to God has finally drowned out Marvin’s plea for mercy AGAIN.

  24. What’s so funny Blossie? If you had read my initial post “Most parents and those who are not would do anything to protect their child/ren from such a disgusting, nasty, thing…” end of quote Let’s Read Bahamas

    I am a parent I would feel heartborken for any little girl or boy who is molested. However, you are so stuck on your ignorance you are missing the point I am an individual voicing my opinion. No one accused you of taking sides, I can say that you may be the child’s mother? Does anyone know her background? Or persons involved in the case?

    Stop making a mockery out of the situation. If it was my child I would have known from the first instance. There is something called behaviour, and does a parent or a child of a primary school child wash their clothing? As a parent I would be paying attention. Not saying that it can’t happen to me.

    Obvious my tone is way above the level of interpretation that you could follow. And Covering Up is the last thing that should come from a hypocrite like you. And you would be shocked to know what my real denomination is.

    And to Queen B’s comments, I think you should start the petition on touching. From now on all the children who are shown no affection at home don’t expect for your teacher to fill in for mommy and daddy…All teachers please refrain from greeting your students by the pat on the back, hugs, don’t even touch their leg if their is a cut you may be accused of Child Molestation….That should be your campaign. Because I am on the outside looking in.. You all already know the facts.. it’s a problem I want to get to know the facts for myself. You take away my right to decide if you do that

    Say what you want to about church or whatever you feel I am associated with I takes a real person to stand alone on their own. YOu don’t think if he is found guilty I wont come back to blog! Trust me I coming back. But for now I am leaving words as they are because it makes no sense I will wait until the case is finished and voice my concerns there. The law has him let the law deal with him Good or Bad

  25. Thirdeye, you’re right on it lol……I know Blossie is a member from that church, that’s how she sounds. Right now they must be havin prayer meeting for that lol……you could run but you can’t hide…..

  26. Well I have to agree with Thirdeye! I know Marvin personally and all…. and watched him in action. He is a sneaky pervert. Actually I reported incidents of his pedophile acts with under age girls and it was only swept under the ‘Dutty’ rug. My thing is this, if you are a leader, teacher or whatever your life should be blameless. No one should be able to accuse you of such acts, (especially children)………

    People need to have a heart and Blossie what if it was your child or relative making these accusations what would you do?
    Wait for the law to find him guilty of listen to your child that is hurting confuse or scared?
    We need to wake up Bahamas, none of this would of been happening if we were more vigilant and took child molestation accusations seriously.
    If Marvin was a bumb ya’ll would of been right there getting hysterical and outraged, but no because Marvin has a gift and he’s nice he could of never done such things. This is not a gossip train passenger, he is a jerk, I deal with facts and facts only. I speak on behalf of the children who no one would listen to when they said daddy touched them, teacher touched them or uncle touched them and for justice to prevail in this Lawless country!
    Sure God is a forgiving God however you must reap the consequences of your actions. Ya’ll just need to stop covering up for Mr. Stinkin Nasty Sands….. And I will be in court to support the victim Ms Blossie!!!

  27. Thirdeye,

    You still didn’t answer my question about the girls! Poor little girls, noone to stand up for them, eh.

    Yes, I knew the SDA thing was a joke, you know how I knew? Because you right from his church hoping for another cover up but the devil is a liar! LOL

    Yes, Thanks BP for exposing this man! Great story!

  28. Blossie,

    You are taking this way too personal as a matter of fact did I ever indicate that persons were making up stories? No! I don’t know the accused like yourself and no I am not a Christian like some ppl profess to be and further more the SDA thing was pure sarcasm. “LOL”

    And taking the matters of the church to the world..I will be frank that you are a coward you taking it there now because ppl know about it. What makes you think that ppl even know this man before now? You in the church praising up with him, dancing to the so called lead pianist music! THE GREAT PRETENDERS

    And yes the case will reveal everything and expose the truth what is wrong with that? Either he is guilty or innocent. You can’t be upset because someone is open minded. Do you know how many ppl were charged for murder and walked away free?

    I don’t know the man like you do so you can’t force my opinion of the matter to think that he is guilty.

    I haven’t seen evidence in the hands of the law

    I don’t know the little girls

    I dont know the accused

    What I do know is that the statement you made about logic remember that the common law itself is nothing else but reason. Intelligent or Not Everyone has a right to speak what they wish and if you’re upset because you’re mind can only function on one side of the track on the train you are riding on…..Do the next best thing!

    Thanks BP

  29. All of you all are under here commenting. Why don’t you check yourselves before pointing fingers. Only God can judge!

  30. Thirdeye,

    Maybe all these people made these stories up, eh? That sounds logical. Maybe these little girls are making up stories, yeah, that sounds like sense, eh? How do you feel about the girls “if” these stories are true? (I really need you to respond on that please)

    Yes, there were things that lots of people knew (maybe even you, if you know him) but give the man a chance was everyone’s thoughts, after all, he’s in the church and we wouldn’t want take matters of the church to the world, eh? There was a cover up on the 2005 story from the church because, I guess people wanted to be decent and give him a chance (being Christian and all). You are Christian, right? So you know about giving people a chance, eh?

    So let the law take it’s course. Maybe these little girls and other persons ARE making up stories. This is what intelligent minds like yourself would think, eh? LOL

  31. I know Marvin from school, we were in the same class. I had no idea he had these tendencies and I wish someone had seen it sooner. I just wonder why all of the sickos flock to the church. Is it because they secretly want healing for their ‘sickness’…? God has said through numerous prophecies in 2008 that he would reveal hidden secrets…apparently the church didn’t believe him.

  32. Blossie this is a public blog and if I sound like I am from the church,school, government, or entire society so be it… by the way I am a Seventh Day Adventist. LOL

    What you need to do though is let the case run its course because like you said when the church or better yet when you and others who were aware of his practices knew what he was doing (if he was doing) you did nothing.

    And whether the law has what you know doesn’t matter are you willing to come forward and speak up in court? And then again you are being stereotypical “You really sound like someone from the church” Do you know how much people sound like they from the church? LOL

  33. Thirdeye, The foolishness I’m referring to are already in the hands of the law. They are the ones mentioned in the article above. I know about some of them. These things are true. (You really sound like someone from the church). I thank God that it’s finally in the open! Finally!!! Yes, he is innocent until proven guilty to those who don’t know. But God knows and he’s already guilty by Him. I really pray that this opens Min Sands’ eyes so he can get his life together.

  34. Blossie,
    Again you state “a long history of foolishness” no one is arguing your statement, however, if you know stories of him are you willing to assist the prosecution with your facts? What did you do to expose the accused? ..jump on the train girl…Whether the accused is in the church or not a man is innocent until proven guilty.

    And you keep bringing up the church. We are judged individually by God, we are not in a partnership when it comes to our judgement..If that’s the case the entire Bahamian Society should be in prison, If we are our brother’s keeper, we are responsible for crimes they commit? Be careful Blossie

    Let the prosecutor do his/her job and the truth will be revealed. Whatever lie is told, the liar will see that lie again. You are talking facts I challenge you to be a witness for the prosecution and stand up for what’s right Instead of “SHOULDA” “COULDA” “WOULDA” “KNEW” & “KNOW”

  35. Thirdeye, he does have a long history of foolishness and why people said nothing? Because everyone was giving him more than enough chances to get himself together and hoping the church would at least counsel him or sit him down. NEVER HAPPENED!! He was allowed to continue to play and even made a minister afterwards!! I know Marvin and love him but he’s sick to be preying on innocent little girls. Amazing though, if he was not in the church, we would all be thinking he should be brought to justice without question. Yes, God IS dealing with the situation. He was given a lot of chances to get his act together but never did. I know of stories of him. I pray he really gets the help he needs, sadly though, the church did not give it to him. I’m talking facts, things that I know. The cries of the children are finally being heard. Poor innocent girls, will their lives ever be the same?

  36. BP, I just a had to add this one in, This Principal not Principle as I perused earlier, did not fail to report the alleged incident. And secondly, I don’t think Principals of Government shcools in THE BAHAMAS are involved in the hiring process..Try the Public Service Commission.

    Secondly, bloggers should be very careful using names of individuals especially if they don’t know whom they are referring to Get off the gossip train because the Union President’s name is not Melinda the last time I checked it started with a B.

    Im just still shocked at the passive bloggers who knew about the accused past and kept it among themselves until now.

  37. Everyone has their opinion on the matter but I feel that an individual should have the benefit of the doubt before passing assumed judgement. Typical Bahamians are so quick to jump on the gossip train without knowing the facts. Most parents and those who are not would do anything to protect their child/ren from such a disgusting, nasty, thing…

    However, why are people holding the church and the pastor responsible for an individual who makes his own choices? The church did not encourage this and why is he still at the church if such accusations happened.. If the prosecutor is a good one the truth will reveal itself.

    Why should the principal be removed from Oakes Field? The only Government school that’s making the public school system look like something and she failed to protect the little darlings? So what happens to the other Principals that did not bring it into the light. If the Principal at the school did not protect the little darlings how do we know about it now? I think we need to check her track record before we make such comments..She is employed by MOE she does not own it the government does. Just the fact people.

    Finally, for those who know him personally it’s amazing and I would not call it bravery..but you can finally speak about it now that it’s in the open. What did you do to protect the little darlings? and to think you are admitting to “a long history of foolishness” you covered up too. You’re relieved. Let’s be honest will you be willing to help the prosecution? People let the case run it’s course.
    Thank you BP for allowing me to express my unbiased views.

  38. This is soo embrassing to believers everywhere. But WHAT’S DONE IN THE DARK WILL COME TO THE LIGHT. But does this change the fact that is he a servant of the Lord? NO, it doesn’t. But I hope this situation is resolved and he gets all the help he need to be restored and especially all those INNOCENT girls. We don’t need to be loosing all of our men to the prison. How will God get glory out of this??? I don’t know but I’m sure he will. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. But let us please be careful HOW we pull down church leaders because there is an unseen eye and he doesn’t need our help when it comes to dealing with his servants. So let God do his work which he is doing.

  39. Inkinuki, that’s nice to say but this fellow has a long history of this foolishness. t know him personally. The church was supposed to deal with this situation with Marvin but they never did. The poor innocent children. I feel bad for them. I know Marvin well, but I must say I’m relieved that someone finally caught him and it came to this point. Thank You Jesus!

  40. Thank God we live in a democratic country where you are innocent until ‘proven’ guilty.We don’t sentence people before they have had the opportunity of a trial. Anyone who wants that to be done to any person who is charged would quickly change their mind if the accused is them, their immediate relatives or their good friend. Furthermore, if adultery was a crime, we would have no space in jail for all the cheating husbands and wives doing their ‘dutty’ around us bold as billy. He that is without sin, cast the first stone!

  41. he slapped a kid at Queen`s College too. THAT is what eventually led to his termination.

    • BOY if he had slapped my child, I would deliver him on ‘PISSY’ PimP SLAP his underwear would a turn into a flow of raw sewerage in an instant and the colour would a drop of his BLACK YOU_KNOW _WHAT! Molesting and beating the children? BOY!


  42. this guy is an animal and a child molester!!!!once u mix up with the church and politicians in dis country, u could do whatever the hell u want!! bastard politicians and whoremongers in dese churches!

  43. Johnny Tucker told u fools over a year ago what Clint Watson and his crew of sissy choir boys was up to in this country but what did the WUTLESS media do… they censored Johnny Tucker….

    This sand bey is also one of the lead keyboard players 4 Barrack!!!!!… We are breeding faggs in this friggin country.

    Grind them all Clint….

  44. yeah this Apostle’s Ed and Lee Watson church member, wonder if they gone bail him out of trouble now.

  45. Beluah you mussy know… VERY TRUE. He is a lead pianist and he fool round girls in the church too and THATS NOT IT. They must do an investigation on his OWN daughter

  46. This man is the lead keyboard player at Trinty Assembly of Praise and has been sat down in church before for this same problem. Pastors need to be clean and up front with the things they allow to happen in their church. He recently played at Lady Shema’s concert, my God what is this country coming to!! Children being abused left, right and center. I commend you for report the real news cause the Guardian and Tribune are puppet news stations


  48. BP,isn’t it interesting that the principle of Northwestern High in Miami was charged and tried by the Florida courts because he failed to report a sexual relation between a football player and an under aged student.

  49. Whenever there are questions about members of any Trade Union the last person you should expect to hear from is is onme of their Leaders.School Boards at schools must use their authority and scrutinise the files of transferred teachers with a view of finding out if they are tarnished in any manner.I would love to view the file of this alledged peodifile to see if he sought a recommendation from his past employers.Something stinks and now we know why the D average is now monolithic in our education system.Minister Bannister must check files of all teachers as both male and female teachers are seemingly perverted.

  50. i wonder where is Melinda Wilson now! a track record that long and still in the ministry of Education! who knows how many perverts are in our schools! some kids and teachers are afraid to speak up it appears!

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