Maynard-Gibson to not run in next election


<<< Hon. Sen. Allyson Maynard-Gibson

Nassau, Bahamas — She was a fierce Attorney General implementing the Swift Justice policy in the Christie PLP administration; but over the weekend Allyson Maynard-Gibson confirmed she would not seek the Pinewood seat in the upcoming general elections.

Affirming her intent to stand committed to the people of the Bahamas and back a return of a PLP administration, Madame Senator reassured listeners on the JCN Network over the weekend, she “Support Perry Gladstone Christie” in his return to power whenever the next general elections are called.

Maynard-Gibson confirmed that she does not feel the same fire, which is necessary to take on the many problems facing the country as she did in 2002, and therefore, she feels the time is right to make way for new fresh young representation in the country.

Dispelling “nasty” rumours of her joining the FNM Maynard-Gibsons said, “I am by genetics tied to the PLP and such nasty vicious rumours are that, rumours.

“I will now commit myself to mentor the next generation of PLP representatives to the Parliament and will do all in my power to see the return of a PLP government.”

The leader of opposition business in the Senate did not confirm whether or not she would indeed resign from the Senate.

Cynthia ‘Mother’ Pratt also confirmed her intent to bow out of front-line politics and stood down as the deputy leader at the Party’s October 2009 Convention. The conclave move called the election win for Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, as Christie’s number one man and potential heir to the PLP throne.

Davis, a longtime law partner and protector of Christie, is seen by many as the Party’s “Quiet Storm” in its bid to return to power. Bahamians also have already seen Davis as the successor to the throne.


  1. krossova, that’s the way some people are, they would blame everybody else except for the person who did the wrong. We have to realize that people are not perfect. People makes mistake, Pleasant made a mistake, lets accept that and move on. When she went to meet McDermott in his hotel room, from what I heard Alyson didn’t accompanied her. To blame Alyson for what happened, I think it is just twisted.

  2. thank you very much kim sands, I can’t understand, for the life of me. why persons choose to repeat such stupidity.

    why do people seek to burden some one with the deliberate actions of another….. please, get damn life.

    our perspective and morals are so friggin warped, I could easily see why an educated and talented person lie Allyson has lost the fire.

  3. Finally, she would not have received the nomination, She not only threw Ms, Bridgewater under the bus, but moreso confided with HAI. So she cannot be trusted.

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