Gyptian – Serious Times – WE NEED CHANGE! A FNM Senator to be arraigned for Child support


A FNM Senator will now face the magistrate court for failing to pay child support for his sweetheart. BP can confirm Senator Anthony ‘Tinny’ Musgrove will be formally charged before the court for alleged domestic violence and child support.

Musgrove is an FNM Senator and is the sitting deputy chairman of the Free National Movement. You would recall the ‘Dutty’ Tribune blasted in the headline last week that an EX-PLP general was arrested. That same paper was quick to report how police caught a PLP MP in a “BACK SEAT RUMP” but could not identify if the woman was indeed the MP wife. We await to see what their report will be on Musgrove. Since the incident all broke the silence by members of the WUTLESS MEDIA on the matter is deafening. No media house in the country have yet reported on the matter? We wonder why?

Medical records now in the hands of BP confirm in a domestic dispute, Musgrove allegedly broke the arm of his mistress and caused grievous harm to multiple areas of her body.

BP can confirm the FNM Senator and current Deputy Chairman shall appear before magistrate on Friday, 21st at 1:30 PM in court #3. We shall see if they will wait outside the courtroom as they all did when PLPs were lined off like prisoners for failing to pay NIB.

We can also confirm Musgrove will  be asked to answer child support charges now filed in the magistrate court. The parliamentarian should not be seated in the SENATE!

BP is calling for the immediate resignation of Senator Musgrove! And call on the WUTLESS MEDIA in this town to expose the sucker as they did PLP Parliamentarian…How is it the press has covered up this incident being unfolded by BP. They have been MOST NEGLECTFUL! They have NO SHAME!



  1. BP, this is a classic example of media bias that we all know exist. Like you said, if this was a PLP MP, this story would have been all over the papers and broadcast on radio today. But when its an FNM MP, the media goes mute!

    Now that you have let the cat out of the bag, the other media outlets have to report it. Lets see how many days pass and what type of attention the media houses give this incident!

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