Minister concerned over prostitution on Bay Street? What about the drug selling?


Drugs are being sold at the Welcome Centre and along Bay and George Street as well…so….WHAT’s the Point?

BP EXCLUSIVE – HERE IS ONE OF TWO male prostitutes interviewed by BP over the weekend.

One must wonder why did the Minister announce this startling revelation without first calling the police?

Why were male “cavity sellers” singled out and not the females who are also at the Welcome Centre selling as well?

What is the purpose of this revelation? Why is solicitation such a big deal for the Minister? From the days of the SS YARMOUTH CASTLE docking in Nassau Harbour with a route from New York City to Nassau – the little boys diving for coins off the dock entered sexual soliciting favours with guests.

For years “selling” has been apart of Bay Street’s nightlife. What is the Minister’s real agenda here?

Perhaps we will soon know….