Minister Louis Farrakhan to sue Tribune – Paper must apologies and pay for damages…


Tribune caught in a trap of lies again! Newspaper under arrest again for lying…

Louis Farrakhan at Clifton this week.
Eileen Carron Publisher of the Terlet Paper cannot explain the lie her paper told on Farrakhan.

Nassau, Bahamas  — Nation of Islam leader in America, Minister Louis Farrakhan, has instructed his lawyer, Keod Smith, to proceed with legal action against The Tribune.

The morning daily, in an attempt to distort and misrepresent the visit by Minister Farrakhan, claimed in a headline: “Nygard Faces the Wrath of Farrakhan”. In the article the paper went on to suggest that Minister Farrakhan scolded his host.

Nothing could be further from the truth and on Saturday, while leaving the country, Minister Farrakhan set the record straight while instructing his lawyer to proceed with action against the malicious lie being spun by the Tribune.
While reading the words directly from text of Minister Farrakhan, attorney Keod Smith noted that the comments made towards the host, Mr. Peter Nygard, were indeed taken out of context as he read the speech directly from Minister Farrakhan.

Minister Farrakhan has been in the country for a week and yet members of the media refused to cover messages communicated by him.

Quoting from the College of the Bahamas event, Attorney Smith quoted the words of Minister Farrakhan to the press and concluded that what was presented in the Tribune was taken out of context.

“These things were suggested especially when you take out of context this comment about women and sending women. And so these things are so reprehensible that I have now been instructed by my client to take steps toward….finding legal remedy and recourse. It is injurious. Mr. Farrakhan is spiritual and religious leader….,” attorney Smith said.

Keod Smith, directed by Farrakhan to seek legal action against the Tribune.

Minister Farrakhan described the report in the Tribune malicious and slanderous to his name. “To suggest in a mischief making way that Mr. Nygard invited me to his home to offer me women and play, but they quoted my words perfectly but the spin on my words were vicious and ugly and very untrue. And the reason I take umbrage at reading such an article is because the mischief inherent in that article is, firstly, to say that I came to this island and rebuked Mr. Nygard. Secondly, rebuked all those on this island who have benefited from Mr. Nygard’s kindness….”

Minister Farrahkan concluded that the article was designed to put him at odds with Mr. Nygard and the people he had come to teach. Minister Farrahkan added that he has something against evil no matter who perpetrates it.

“Maybe I offended somebody and so my lecture at the town hall meeting was never reported in any newspaper to the best of my knowledge. So are you all [Media] bought and paid for? Is there something that I said that is untrue that you can call me a liar to my face?”

Minister Farrahkan added that the press should be a free in the Bahamas and exercise that right as the true forth estate in the country.