Missing teen on remote Family Island could be an abused victim who fled her home for justice but found none!


Young Bahamians need help in this town from sexual attacks

Cemetery on Family Island

Nassau, Bahamas — A young teen girl who is alleged to have run away from her home was discovered in a cemetery on a remote family island yesterday.

The shaken girl was the subject of a police report about a missing person. What we have uncovered is indeed shocking and has opened a new twist in these missing teen incidents.

Reports reaching our desk confirm the young teen may have been a victim of an alleged assault by a nasty lowdown relative, who to this very hour is still sitting up big as billy in the home!

We can report the young victim saw no avenue for justice but to flee the home for safety.

Bahamas Press is calling on authorities to rigorously began investigating these incidents of missing teens as we believe many of them are the result of serious domestic sexual assaults where the victim cannot sleep at home after being violated repeatedly by some suspect in the home.

The incidents are criminal and have caused irrevocable damage to the psychological wellbeing of many young persons.

Someone in this country must stand up and protect the children in this town.

We report yinner decide.