Dud Maynard back home in the PLP?


Christie is opening wide the tent of the PLP to all

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie speaks with former PLP Chairman Dud Maynard.

Edison Key is also headed back to the PLP

Nassau, Bahamas — Sources deep in the know tell us former Chairman of the PLP and father of the late Charles Maynard is headed back to the PLP.

Dud Maynard, a former key wartime general of the late Sir Lynden Pindling reached over to Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie during the home going service of the late Beryl Rolle, wife of former Minister of National Security Daryl Rolle.

Mrs Rolle died last week following a long illness. She was churched at St. Barnabas Anglican Church yesterday.

Both men exchanged happy comments in what some suggested was plotting a game ahead. Dud was a master politician in the past and was appointed a Senator in the Parliament.

He had joined the FNM following a call by former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. It looks as if Ingraham’s era is truly ended.

Christie is opening wide his tent in the PLP, and is said to be going after key political players in the country. Sources also confirm the PLP leader has tied the bag clinching a key seat in the FNM. Could this spell trouble lies ahead for the opposition…

We report yinner decide.

Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe, Ann Davis - wife of Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis, Prime Minister Rt. Hon Perry Christie and Dame Marguerite Pindling in the front row attending the funeral service of the late Beryl Rolle.