Minnis Government tax rise is really to increase the pay of parliamentarians…


PM Hubert Minnis and Reece “RUDEBOY” Chipman.

Nassau – Bahamas Press is learning that the Government of the Bahamas intends to present a salary increase next year.

Sources connected to the Ministry of Finance tell us models are being looked at to achieve a salary increase for all parliamentarians who have not had an increase in 20 years.

The increase of MP salaries comes at a dangerous time when mass borrowings and layoffs around the public sector have been done by the administration.

A source inside the Cabinet told BP, “We must accept that everyone needs more. Politicians are no different. The demands on us are huge. However, an increase in the minimum wage could also come at the same time parliamentarians get an increase.”

All we at BP say is this: There you have it!

We report yinner decide!