Police officer attempts to suggest that the Carey woman committed suicide?


Former RBC employee dies in closed Munnings Road this morning. Minnis Government failed her!

Nassau – Wherever we get these dumb police from has to be looked into seriously following his comments on the Munnings Road fatality yesterday.

A traffic officer charged with the investigation into the death of Garvinisha Anastasia Carey was interviewed in the news and the response was incredible.

When asked if he [the officer] believed the fatality victim knew that the roadblock existed, the response was: YES. He believes the deceased driver knew the road was blocked.

Now what kind of dumbness is this happening in the Road Traffic Department of the force?

Could you imagine a woman traveling at speeds far above the speed limit crashes unsuspectingly into a roadblock and she knew the road was blocked?

That officer should not be investigating anything. He clearly does not know anything about a road with little to no lighting or proper alerts to avoid such accidents.

That traffic officer should resign or better still BE FIRED!

We report yinner decide!