Minnis still the most popular Minister in The FNM


The Outgoing FNM REGIME!

Dr. Hubert Minnis

FNM should start looking for a Leader and Deputy after defeat!

Nassau, Bahamas — BBB Analytics in a poll conducted on behalf of BP last week, has concluded that Dr. Hubert Minnis is still the most popular Minister in The Ingraham Government. The FNM is poised to lose big in the upcoming General Elections. The Poll has also found that the longer Papa Clown takes to Ring the bell, the worst the beating will be.

The Poll with a deviation of + or – 3% shows Minnis at a comfortable favourable rating of 54% with an unfavourable rating of 22%. This unfavourability rating is due to his support for Ingraham and his treatment of the Nurses over their Health Insurance issue. One Nurse was quoted as saying, “Minnis use to be for us, however, he let Ingraham get the better of him and he did not fight for us.”

All indications are that Ingraham is dragging down the FNM ticket and its chances of winning the upcoming General Elections. The Polls show that O A T Turnquest, Vargo ” lying” Laing and Desmond Bannister will be punished for their closeness and willingness to do Papa Clown’s bidding.

Tommy Turnquest, The Failed Minister of National Security, was defeated as leader of the FNM by Keod Smith.

By contrast, the polls show ‘Da poodle’ Turnquest with a favourable rating of 19% and a negative rating of 63%. This is in part due to his ineffectiveness on crime and lackluster performance as a Minister in general. The fact that the Public was not told of the breach in the ankle bracelets and the alleged running out of fuel with Prince Harry on board a defence force craft enroute to Harbour Island does not auger well for Turnquest and his attempts to replace Ingraham after the “massacre” that will happen to the FNM in the upcoming elections.

Laing numbers are in the sewer where he belongs, his favourable rating is 7% with a negative of 79%. This is due on his willingness to do whatever Papa says without any morals. This man professed to be a man of God and was out of Politics on the advice, he said of God. However, his earthly god, Papa Clown, caused him to lose all credibility and defy the Almighty. He has also presided over the destruction of the Bahamian Economy and we may require a Greek style bailout if he is allowed to stay around. The polls show he will be sent packing and hopefully he can ask God for forgiveness and not ask the people of Fort Charlotte for votes.

Laing and the FNM have destroyed the Bahamian middle class with more houses being foreclosed and businesses being shut down in the entire civil life of this Country. He should be publicly flogged.

Desmond Bannister has a favourable rating of 31% and a negative of 53%. He is losing ground each day. He is running from Carmichael to North Andros where he is getting rejected very early on the ground. To show his desperation, he is accusing the PLP of all manner of things and has resorted to attacking the character of a decent candidate and nation builder, Dr. Perry Gomez.

After being the BIG LEAKER on Ministry of Education officials in a local tabloid, the man who abandoned the good people of Carmichael is now haul-in ass to North Andros to trick the people there. Andros check dis one out!

Bannister went on a nasty campaign calling seniors in the community “geriatric patients” and young people “crooked”. HE HAS NO DAMN SHAME!

]It is no wonder every young person from outside, inside and around North Andros are calling persons throughout the community – TEXTING AND BBM-ING – to REJECT DESMOND BANNISTER AND THE FNM!

Additionally, Dr. Gomez’s contributions to this country far outweigh any contribution Bannister or the entire circus have made and will ever make.

Persons at the Min of Education view him as the alleged source of leaks to the Punch. In fact, as one employee told BP, ” have you noticed that the Punch does not attack him anymore? Could it be that the ads that the Ministry of Education took out in the paper asking for tenders on providing security radios and equipment? The same ad was on at least seven pages of the paper in the same issue for at least one month.

Could the leaker Papa is looking for in the Cabinet be Bannister?

Wow, what a shame, trying to attack the good name of employees and Civil Servants while trying to appear humble, pious and innocent. We here at BP say, serial ‘sweethearters’ and rogues should be very careful.

In conclusion, the Pollsters, ask 3,457 persons who would they like to see lead the FNM after the defeat of the Abaco Dragon? Among the general public, Dr. Minnis received 68% Bannister 42%, Turnquest 18%, Laing 4% and Bethel 3%.

Among persons identifying themselves as FNM, Minnis got 59%, Turnquest 44%, Laing 15% and Bannister 12%.

We report Yinner Decide.

Set to tell the Bahamians people goodbye after failing young people!


  1. It’s very upsetting that Desmond would be so disrespectful and refer to the young and old people in such a manner. I always thought he was one of the better minister in Ingraham’s cabinet, but it’s just interesting to see the way he actually thinks about others. These days he seems to be sinking to some despicable level and doesn’t care about who he offends. Trust me, I know his comment isn’t sitting too well with my grandmother in law down there in North Andros, who is always looking forward to attending these rallies. He needs to know those same crooked young people and geriatrics’ votes are just as important as anyone else’s vote and if he feels he could win his seat without their votes, well he could continue to carry on smartly.

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