MORE SCANDALS AT NIB: Two former board members benefit from contracts at NIB


Nassau, BahamasShane Gibson asked Hubert Ingraham in the House today, if he was aware that two members of NIB had resigned from the Board and was awarded handsome contracts immediately following their resignations having knowledge of what was being executed by the Board.

Prime Minister who is responsible for NIB responded only saying: “I have a meeting with the Chairman of NIB at 5pm today.” Ingraham said nothing more as he sat in his seat.

Bahamas Press alleges former board members were granted attractive contracts by NIB having full knowledge of pending business discussed by the Board, which were to be executed by NIB.

Here’s what we know.

BP alleges, Winston Rolle, a former Director of National Insurance Board, who was an advocate against the National Health Insurance, has gotten his payday.

Shane Gibson

We further allege, Rolle who was appointed a Director to the Board, as payment for his role in opposing the implementation of National Health Insurance has now received his second payback.

Rolle was sent to Jamaica to assist with the negotiations for the computer software and company for the National Drug Plan. Reports are Rolle has not only negotiated for NIB but mainly for himself.

Since he has been greased, he has now handed in his resignation and has received the full blessings of a contract issued by Algernon Cargill and Philip Ward.

Rolle is now the lead Bahamian in a partnership for (Advanced Integrated Systems) AIS, Jamaica. The company was awarded the Systems contract by NIB.

Additionally, we are advised, that Cargill has arranged for the rental of one of  his cousin’s apartment for the AIS consultants of the drug plan in Sandyport. The Board we know is also paying for the rental.

Bahamas Press can also confirm, Philip Kemp, is the second board member of NIB who we know has received a contract from the Board having knowledge of its full workings.

Kemp resigned from NIB and was later issued a sub-contract from Telco Enterprises at the Sandilands facility being funded by NIB. The contract has cost the taxpayers of the Bahamas a whopping $8 million.

Last year the Prime Minister told Parliament following scandals emanating from NIB that: “I will read what they say. I will listen to what they say, and I will speak after that.”

Shane Gibson and PLP strongman Philip ‘Brave’ Davis called for a probe into NIB last year as they exposed in Parliament the SCANDALOUS squander of public money at the Board.

However, despite the exposed litany of abuses of public money at NIB, the Prime Minister has yet to honour his word and speak to the matter or answer claims of SQUANDER unfolding.

Now we read news of further questions, where contacts were given directly to former board members.

Bahamas Press demands a public commission to investigate the SCANDALOUS OPERATIONS at NIB. INCLUDING THE CONTRACTS TO KENUTH Knowles, PORKY DORSETT, IRAM LEWIS, Charlton Morley AND Jeffery LLOYD, just to name a few.

We believe these latest events are blatant conflicts of interest and represent an assault on the backs of the Bahamian people; many of whom cannot collect a dime from NIB.

We again ask for the resignation of NIB director Algernon Cargill.

NIB head office on Blue Hill Road.


  1. Yea and i been home from 2008 got fired from this Government because of who i voted for and have small children to raise may they all burn in hell.

    • Hell is to good for some of them these guys have their own personal agenda I wonder if cargill and the rest of his puppets does pray I know they does go to church and some have position in church. Lord have mercy.

  2. Pasty good information but the approval of any contract that large has to be approved by cabinet; and guess what – Floyd is one of the persons responsible for bring HAI back not Algernon Cargill.

    Please stop the spinning.

    • green tea what cargill promise you you sure like to defend him. Hubert will not renew his contract he runs his mouth to much he makes announcements that the minister should be making
      but that how them kind a people go love to talk and love camera

      • well we need to hear from Mr. P.M What are you going to do Cancel Vince Rolle Contract your are a P.M who like to stop, review and cancel do the right thing and while u r at it take a look at your board and the management of Nib If the Drug Plant Does not start in two weeks and the increases in Long Term Benefits are not Paid by the end of september then these guys are making you look bad.Remember that the people who was able to deliver for cargill you let go. Cargill can not deliver.

      • I will defend him or any other Bahamian who is doing an excellent job and also anyone who has an excellent track record. Cargill’s, record needs no defending.

        Julie – Cargill is not perfect and if the Minister or Chairman wanted the publicity, I’m sure they would have taken over by now.

        Julie – has the man done anything good at NIB?

  3. The President of Telco enterprises is he Floyd Wilmott? well I do know that the contractor for the Sandilands Hospital to the tune of $8,000.0000 and the Director NIB are brother and sister children. they are first cousins, talk about conflict of interest?????

    • We’ve dealt with that before patsy. What we are talking about is this contract issued to Philip Kemp. Kemp was issued a sub-contract out of that contract. But he was a board member of NIB. Where is the accountability and transparency? Where that talk of Cookie Jar went?


  4. Carla is another gossipmonger who prob got fired from her LAX government job and lookin for another person to blame…boy yinna gat black crab syndrome bad like a muthaF**ER..OBVIOUSLY Carla you dont know Mr.Cargill either so the negativity is expected..any one doing betta than you all…you quick to gapseed about…another hatemonger..he mussy fire u or ya dam family well or better yet..never hired you…@ green tea thanks for being unbiased (hopefully) cus these cut throat a**holes looking to get it..


    • Well Green Tea Let the Chips Fall Where They May. If the Director is going to sit by and know that this type of things are happening he is just as bad as the board of directors please dont make excuses for these corrupt people

      • Carla,Carla, CarlA!!!, Mr. McCartney cannot drag Mr. Cargill’s ole yard slippers. Mr. Cargill, is a worker and get things done, irregardless of whether he is popular with the staff or not. PLPs and FNMs (if the truth lies within them) would agree that the job Mr. Cargill has done Mr. McCartney in all his years at NIB never even attempted.

        Carla, Mr. McCartney is now in over his head at the Insurance Commission. I attended a meeting he held for the insurance industry the other day and I was embarrassed for the man – lost as the two little Andros boys. Also, remember – Shane Gibson attempted to fire Mr. McCartney but McCartney was saved by his cousin PC and got the insurance job because of his cousin’s best friend HAI.

        • GreenTea you dont know cargill he gossip like a women you will never see that in mccartney. mccartney was only transfered because of dum kenneth russell that all. for god sake dont tell cargill anything he will call your name ask some of them people who he fell out with he is more women than me

          • Carla – LMAO – I bet you one thing – Mr. Cargill put a stop to that dog who was busy wagging his tail carrying bone. All he did was call the dog name and I bet that dog stopped taking bones to him – maybe the dog is now busy carrying to someone else. (Serve them right)

            But on another note, the hand writing was on the wall for Mr.McCartney long before Kenneth Russell came – just ask Shane if he ever attempted to fire McCartney and what happened.

  5. Ms. Deal are you really serious…he cant live on his big paycheck? How do you know? What do you know about Mr. Cargill that you can possibly confirm this allegation…BOY yinna bets be lucky you are not living in a litigious country because u would have been SUED for the little to no dollars you may have. TRUST you need to get your facts straight and accountable before you make outrageous statements..

    • i agree with you cargill can live for awhile without employment his hands cant hold anymore money but whenever The Next goverment Call a commision i only hope that some of these dogs go to jail

  6. Here the Bahamians go again working and listening to half truths. Mr. Cargill has been the best thing to happen to NIB…again you are too focused on politricking~~

    • Mlc you are so wrong just ask the employees at NiB about this Man he does not give anyone a chance even doth he got one ask CIB about Him he is a h–

    • say what u guys want to say about cargill he takes care of his people he has dismantle the HR department and put people there who he trust even doth his cus was charge with her husband with gun in south ridge he made sure she is still on the job and he also takes care of his church people ya,ll haters talk that he giving one friend in the gay world one big contract when it happens i gan tell who it is

  7. boy Bp if what you are saying is the truth the entire board should resign For those who dont know Mr. Rolle is chairman or the operations committee of the board, he knows every bid and proposal that is send in. i cry shame on these guys. on the other hand Father Bowleg is on the H R committee of the Board and is also Deputy chairman but he still went out and hire his daughter in the legal department as a lawyer when other person were interview what a disgrace( but remember we dont expect anything better from this man who dont know his age. Cargill could never walk in Mccartney’s shoes but my friends remember be careful what you ask for.

    • Guess who on the board? Etienne Bowleg, the disgraced former rector of Holy Trinity Anglican Church. It is no wonder Cargill them could commit so much MESS! Hubert Ingraham told Parliament in January he would address the happenings at NIB. Papa has yet to return to the Parliament and do so. I wounder who will remind him of his own words..


      Bahamas Press/*Editor

  8. You all would remember some SERIOUS allegations swirled against the PM when he was the minister responsible for NIB. Perhaps the PM tolerates this mess and agrees with what is being done.

    Ingraham told the House he had a meeting with the Chairman at 5PM. BP can confirm the meeting never happened. Was it Smoke and Mirrors again MR. INGRAHAM?


  9. But yet still they could stop the survivor”s benefit payments to persons that were collecting it from 1999. That’s a total disgrace and they did not informed the persons that were involved. Cargill done get his hands grease on the peoples money….he cant live of his big pay check…but want poor people who was receiving the S/B to live of their pennies.

  10. Great story The Money Launderer is at his old ways again Please Mr. Ingraham remove Cargill and Ward and Bite the Bullet, Cargill is Grease now he has enough get rid of him before all the bahamaian people money is gone. Well someone at Nib Will be Terminated soon because of your story.

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