All Hell Break Loose In South Beach!! PLPs REJECT Cleola Hamilton and Push for Myles LaRoda


Cleola Hamilton

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press has been reporting to public how crookedness and slimy backstabbing behavior has been contaminating The PLP South Beach Branch, where the duly qualified branch members wanted Myles Laroda, as the candidate for 2012; but the higher echelon of The PLP wanted disgraced and shameless Cleola Hamilton, ‘the black widow of the nursing profession’ (more will be said about her in the coming days).

Bahamas Press
can confirm that the branch members held true to their belief that an outsider should not be their candidate and as a result, the voting process, after 22 eligible voters (Stallwart Councillors and Branch Executives), revealed that Myles Laroda had 20 votes and Dr. Linwood Brown had 2 votes. Cleola Hamilton (the outsider) couldn’t even get one vote! Nada, zilch, zero! But it gets worse.

Bahamas Press can confirm that when The PLP higher echelon’s goon squad saw how the voting was going—they called the voting process null and void, even though there were still approximately 60 more eligible voters waiting their turn!

Bahamas Press left the branch meeting after 10 P.M. and branch members were still raising hell. Hopefully they got to the true source of the contamination and left South Beach to continue raising hell on Cable Beach.


  1. @ truth The chairman is the most corrupt person that we have now in the south beach branch. I see you and Beverley here talking foolishness. Have you ever sat down ask your selves, How is it that the branch have had several sucessful functions and Dont have any money? And we has a new branch started out fresh leaving the things in the Past. If you’ll wanted top presue the computers then you should delt with the issue of the computers then. We have a new slate of excutives and we deal with what we see and know here.
    I have lived in south Beach for all my life. Also know the young man you are trying to say is was discharge. I think you should retract your statement. I know this young man grow up in south beach and is in good standing with everyone in this community. He is still on the force and has be a role model and encouragement to young men of this community. He was ask of his thoughts and stated that their are issues that the branch should deal with rather than deal with the issue of a candidate. Thats all I know.
    TRUTH no one is spotless. But all of spots. I say this to say The CHairman is an adjent of Myles Laroda and Former senator Audley Hanna. The Branch and other knew the list is fixed. The chairman was the same insupport of getting rid of the Leader Perry Christie. In 2009 the same young man whom you discrediting his charactor was the one to write the party to start a Branch here in south Beach. I remember attending the very first meeting when alot of residence came out to get the Ball rolling. for this what we have today the Branch. If you was their for 15 broken years you would know we were in active before 2007 and went back in hiding after 2007 and open up with this young man in 2009. He only wants good for south beach not bad. So Like I told Beverley we all live glass houses. Dont throw stones. And Beverley know just what money I talk about. She should come to the meeting again and play crazy I crazy too me and my boiz.
    So truth You owe the young officer and apologe and He is and active duty officer and also a good resident of south beach he and his Family

  2. I am a South Beach residence of 25years,a PLP and a member of the this branch of 15 years. I am not writing this to defend the Chairman but to give a little scope of the branch. Listen here when we have young people who is devoting their time into any organization please do not crush them. What I saw happen that night, is enough to make anyone quit the PLP and join another party. Poor fella walked into a trap that was staged by senior members of the party…..But I admired the stand the good Chairman took, not to allow his rights as the chairman to be taken. Yes he may have started of wrong by asking person who were not financial to leave the room until the proceeding is over and will be allowed to return after the selection of candidate is over. But you miss the big picture here. When the Chairman realized he made a mistake, he humbly apologized within moments and then called the meeting to order.I admire that..It was the Leader and leadership ability in him that cause him to offer an apology.. Thats what makes a good Leader.

    Now speaking on corruption the entire Party is corruption. When the generals at PLP Headquarters want to frustrate, stop and destroy fresh blood from getting in their zone, they become very skillful. Ask Perry Christie on the move they orchestrated to have him over turn during 2009 Convention.God saved Perry Christie…Watch it Perry Convention is here again. Bunch of cut throats. . I was hoping that Headquarters was going to get a complete clean out, but the old rats are still there and instead of them eating the rat poison, they in turn feeding it to fresh blood and other who do not conform to their style. On a serious note Headquarters need a paradigm shift that will welcome new visions and retire those tired people who lack vision and people’s skills.

    Finally, back to South Beach Branch, I first met the Chairman back in 2009. He is well loving, a people’s person with a big heart and dedicated. However, when I look at who his vice was and who wanted wanted to be chairman I suck my teeth and began to pray. Because I suspected right then he was in for a rough ride. The history…..during the Ms. Marcell, the South Beach Branch give the same vice chairman about $2000 to purchase computers for the Branch. This thief never produced the receipt nor the computers..But he was still allowed to become vice chairman for 2009. In addition, the want to be Chairman, who is going trying to undermine and destroy, should be ashame because is was alleged he was dishonorable discharge from the Police Force for corruption while working in Freeport.When asked what office he works from he tells people “Police Headquarters but am on vacation (hahahha)He has been saying this from 2007/08. Its now 2010 and still on vacation. This matter is still pending in Supreme Court and can come up any day now. This allegation was raised during the 2009 Branch election, causing this same Chairman to win victoriously over him. Now these same two bitter people going around causing mischief..Don’t do it Yall..
    Mr. Chairman stand up people are counting on you….watch out for those people who want to be in charge, its the money they want…remember Leaders have followers and you have plenty following you..Tell them dirt-bags to take a hike

  3. C’mon people, keep it on the high road……..

    that’s why politicians laugh in our faces and take advantage of us, we are too busy sweating the small stuff and tearing each other down

    for God’s sake, lets build, build each other, build our country, build the world……..

    no time for foolish talk and foolishness!!!

  4. To Beverley people who lives in glass houses should not throw stones. Seen that you are throwing stones here is one for you. You stole money from person and had to leave this country for sevenral years. You need to find the people money. Secondly you need seek a dentist and a plastic surgin cause you look like you been a car accident hit from behind. You know in your late nite meetings with the chairman and other excutive what was planned so you should find the monies you stole from bahamains. So in your next meeting make sure you have a plan to pay them people back.

  5. It seems like we are creeping towards a fuller democracy, I say it proudly, by the way.

    I was always a proponent that the constituency should select their man/woman rather than some candidates committee or the higher echelon of the party saying to the branch, “here is who we selected for you”.

    I applaud Mr. Christie for moving in this direction, whatever his motivation was, I think it’s the right way to go.

    I now encourage the branches in the governing party to begin identifying the candidate of their choice.

    never mind, a lil push back from the leaders, they will eventually conform to the wishes of the people.

    I believe, once a system like this takes root, the candidate is more inclined to follow the dictates of his/her constituents rather than towing the party line.

    I’m extremely optimistic about the concept, while I know it’s not new, I am excited to see it begin to flourish in our process.

    Embrace it Mr.Ingraham, encourage it Mr. Christie!!!!

  6. To Beverley, the candidate not only had his money on hand as well as persons form but the chairman old him that the people who he would be paying would not be able to vote. He didnot want the chairman to take another four week vacation………….and by the way it would have been $2,000 and not $1,500. I hope that he still gets his $10,000.

  7. i attended the meeting last night. i am a first time voter and what i saw last night was a poor reflection of the south beach branch.
    1-the chairman is very disrespectful
    2-it was obvious that the chairman and his executives are bias
    3-i think that the chairman should be more neutral because i over heard a stalwart stating that the chairman had called her and asked her to support laroda hours before the meeting
    4-i also think person,s on the candidates committee should stay neutral (if laroda don’t get nominated he will see to it that he runs independently)

    i attended the south beach branch elections and could tell that it was NOT a fair process. the persons conducting the elections same not to have known what or how to conduct the process. there were issues of voters and finances prior to the process and i think the election should have been postponed and it was allowed to continue. financial reports was never produced to branch neither registered voters list before submitting to the headquarters simply because the chairman knew the dirt he was doing. please mr.christie i hope you recognise before it’s too late that south beach is in trouble. Cleola Hamilton is the best choice for south beach and perfect example to me as a youth of this country. she has been “tried and proven emereged as gold” a woman great influence. she had represented intenationally and i am sure that she would do an excellent job for south beach. please please don’t give us an ooops again lik in the past.

  8. I attended the South Beach meeting last night and could not believe what I saw. If the Branch was holding a special call meeting (which was advertised) as such why is it that the those officers of the Party attended. It was for financial members only. The chairman advised everyone before he started why we were there and started the selection. If it is so that the Hamilton woman did not receive a single vote she should pack up and find herself some othe Constituency. The Party need to be like P M Ingraham “say what they mean and mean what they say”
    Another thing why would she bring alcoholic beverages on the school campus where our young children are. She should be ashamed of herself. Dr. Minnis need to stop this runaway train before she gets herself in more trouble. There was so much disturbance at the meeting that the police was called but they arrived too late. I was so shame I grab my grand children and left because insted of calming the people the Party Officiers insighted them.

  9. If the leader of the PLP is doing this to the People of South Beach in order to get what he wants imagine what he would do to the People of the Bahamas in order to get what he wants. I know we all have our flaws but come on People wake up and smell the coffee like they say. Realize that the country is better now than what it was in 2007. The Government has brought us far from where we were. I can’t tell you where to vote but I could say this, Register and Vote, because we are all Bahamian people and we all know that we want to be heard and NO VOTE IS EQUAL TO NO VOICE AND YOU WANT TO BE HEARD….

  10. BP I agree 120% with what you reported. Those who saw it differently is obviously the Leader supporter but if Carmichael and other branches are allowed to do as the Leader said he would do, that is to allow the Branches to select the Candidate of their choice so be it. A certain person who accused the Branch of being corrupt should go and find the $1,500 that he never turned in.

  11. Well at least we are reporting what transpired. We note here everyone is point to our endorsed candidate in this process. But isn’t this the point of endorsement? We back Myles LaRoda and not a damn soul else in this South Beach Seat. That is no BIAS, that is what we suggest as being support.

    Now, for those who cannot see an election was called off because their candidate was loosing then, they just need to know BP is more viral than the Tribune can ever be. We are on the ground in the South and we are determined make certain Myles is the nominee and eventually the MP elect.


  12. This is a Lie The Branch chairman Had fraud list of person to vote and The voting never happen it was called off by the National Chairman of the Party who stated that an Investigation into this matter will be undertaken. Bahamas Press You disappoint the Bahamain People and You print Lies get the rite information before Printing. Please Get Your Information rite.

  13. BP, you know you are wrong. There was a process last night, but, if that is what the PLP has resorted to in order to get a Candidate, I can run in any area I want to. It was obvious that the branch executives had one person on their mind, Laroda. That is their choice, But, it was not a fair election. You must level the playing field, or appear to. Everybody saw that. Hamilton and Brown weren’t given a fair chance. Branch Chairman wanted to run people out of the room, he said if you weren’t from South Beach you couldn’t join and vote. All of this was *******.That was a ******** meeting last night. Is this what the PLP has come to????? I hope not.

  14. BP; you report sometimes, on these incidents like its some big deal. There are always fights and rows when voting in these branches on matters of these kind. You know that, you’ve been around politics a long time and you know this is par for the course so stop making it sound like the political sky is falling in; no such thing. South beach will have their say in who their candidate will be because that is part of the process for selecting PLP candidates this season. These proceedings were put in place because the Leader, who you are accusing for interfering, is the very one who suggested the process because he didn’t want to be blamed for favouring one over the other. We all have our individual likes and dislikes, including the Leader, but at the end of the day if the branch sanctions LaRoda, it will be LaRoda; if they sanction any other and not LaRoda, by a majority vote of branch members then it won’t be LaRoda. You have your favourite(LaRoda) and you don’t even have voting say in the process so let the process move forward without all the guile from you, Sirs/Madams.

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