Gov’t Mortgage Relief Closes Down and Homes appear in newspaper – Its the Banks TIME!


Banks given the green light to take homes.

Nassau – Just after the government closed down the Mortgage Relief Programme, this happens. Scores of homes appeared in the morning daily on Thursday – just a few days after the Mortgage Relief Programme was shut down.

Bahamas Press is learning the banks have been given the green light by the Minnis-led administration to do what they do best! Take homes!

Now that the protection is gone to save homes, and all across the country Bahamians are being fired, we could tell the holidays will not be bright! Hubert “ZIGZIG” Minnis who told the people he it was there time is now giving the bank the right to take homes. It’s DA BANKS time if you ask us.

A total of 10 workers were sent home at Mortgage Relief and, well, the banks are back in the driver’s seat; particularly one of the biggest men in banking now sitting up smiling in the Cabinet Room.

Some 5,614 persons have been terminated since the Minnis Government came to power.

We report yinner decide!