Mother’s Day and the FNM Anniversary – WHAT A PARADOX


NASSAU| Today is Mother’s Day which comes at a time of great sadness and sorrow as the world faces the global pandemic of COVID-19. And, therefore, today we celebrate the Mothers around the world, wishing them a HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY this Sunday.

That out the way, we also want to wish the Free National Movement a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY on its third anniversary as Government of the Bahamas. 

We praise our illustrious Prime Minister Hubert Alexander Minnis for the great job he is doing as the COVID-19 Prime Minister, as he celebrates his third year as PM with the hopes of finishing his final term in office strong.

Since coming to power, PM Minnis has failed to deliver one real plan for the nation. He has failed to create one job, one new business, deliver one new development or advance one real idea for the nation; in fact, three years in, he is looking for your ideas.

The Minnis-led FNM, which is now riddled with the bullets of corruption, scandal, and lies, is far from the tracks. We guess the lies are quickly catching up with them.

As the Minnis government now eats away the few US dollars in reserve off the floor of the Central Bank – with greedy Peter Turnquest leading the charge –  the Bahamian economy is in a dire state. The new normal today for Bahamians is: blacklistings, joblessness, downgrades, lockdowns, rising debt, food shortages, rising credit, rising hunger, and a bleak bleak forecast in the economic output of the nation. Its bad!

We expected no success from the Minnis-led team; they were too new, too inexperienced, too indecisive, lacked vision, HAD NO PLAN, do lie more than satan and are more possessed of a complex of being shamelessly arrogant and rude as they victimized and attempted to criminalize professionals all around the public service. What a crew!

And so, as we celebrate this solemn Mother’s Day of darkness, shrouded by the heavy clouds of uncertainty clothe in the gloom shadows of the FNM’s victory at the polls, we pray for better days. We pray for healing in the land. We pray for justice for our people. And we pray that a new shining BRAVE beacon of HOPE will light our way!

We pray for that promise of a better tomorrow, a nation of resilient people whose lives will be STRONGER TOGETHER!

And, as I meet Mother’s Day of my beloved mother from her final resting place,  [In Lockdown], I could only wish she was on the earth to help steer and guide me through these most difficult times in the life of our country.

And so, I end this text with a bittersweet moment. I want to wish all mothers across the nation a HAPPY Christ-filled Mother’s Day!

We report yinner decide!