“Da Snitch” crawls deep inside the bosom of the FNM and finds a new home in the Governing Party!

PM Minnis

NASSAU| A dutty, shameless, disgraced former MP, who has crawled on his belly like a serpent in the Bahamas since the days of Pindling is now seeking a nomination within the Opposition Party.

Former DISGRACED Cabinet Minister, Obediah Hercules Wilchcombe aka DA SNITCH, is finding a tough time getting a nomination within the PLP. 

The soon to be incoming Government, which is racking up huge support across the nation, is now working hard on removing the failed team Minnis Regime from power. And each day the march down to Bay Street and then up to Government House is looking good.

Last week, as Duane Sands plucked the poisoned apple of political death from the forbidden tree, there was “Da SNITCH” coaching him along to fall from grace. Ah boy – look at that!

“Da Snitch”, who has stolen from the PLP and bastardized the poor political soldiers who once elected him Mayor in the West End and Bimini seat, has now crawled on his dusty belly into the Free National Movement. 

Sources tell us Sands could not believe he was bitten by the serpent, who he trusted as a friend, and who, we all know is tricky, slick, and deadly. But we warned people before and many times over – including many inside the Opposition Party – to be careful of that “SNITCH”. He has deceived many in his time and there is no cure from his bite.

“Da Snitch”, as BP recalls, once bit another rising star in politics, the Pleasent gal from Grand Bahama, who presented the purest form of political holiness before being encircled by the dusty belly serpent and dragged like prey into the political boneyard. “Da Snitch” is dangerous and cannot be trusted.

Someone should answer the question: who donated “Da Snitch” outdated supplies to be provided for some residents a few weeks ago? We guarantee it was a high-ranking FNM! In fact, we will add that it was the same FNM who wanted Duane Sands gone out of the FNM Cabinet! But you don’t want to believe that hey? BELIEVE IT!

We understand the same man, who took two PLPs into his bosom back in 2016, is now courting “Da Snitch”, along with their trusted friends inside that DUTTY TERLET PAPER on Shirley Street. Yall don’t have to believe us. Call it fake all ya want – It is true!

As Obie “Da Snitch” Wilchcombe crawls and slides for good out of the PLP and slips into the bosom of the FNM, we tell him to CARRY HIS YOU-KNOW-WHAT! For we at BP have been sent with an anointing to deal with political serpents. We have been placed here on earth as told in the BOOK OF GENESIS; to crush and politically decapitate every serpent who attempts to destroy the glorious destiny of this Bahamas! 

We report yinner decide!