Who Murdered Francis? Murder count now 88 according to police


Francis Farrington<<< A photo of 28 year-old Francis Farrington. He went missing on November 24 this year. His funeral, according to family, will be held on Tuesday January 5th, 2010, at the St. John’s Native Baptist Cathedral on Meeting Street at 10 am.

Nassau, Bahamas — He was a happy go lucky economic student who studied in Canada. He does not fit the description of  a criminal. he was an achiever of high standards, a law abiding citizen. He was a professional in his area of studies but today police, after days being discovered in a yard decomposed,  confirmed finally and told the members of the WUTLESS MEDIA what BP reported since Dec. 10.

Police has now confirmed the body discovered in the Anglican Church yard on Dec. 9 was that of missing St. Andrew’s School Graduate, Francis Farrington.

Francis you would remember disappeared without a trace on November 24. Family members said he went on a routine outing for a short minute around 5 PM that evening but never returned home. He left no clues behind and no trace of where he went. Just days later the body of Francis was discovered in the Anglican Church office yard on Sands Road around 5 PM that evening.

Our source on the RBPF told us on Dec. 10 told Bahamas Press the body was indeed that of Francis. So could someone please tell us, why members of the WUTLESS media couldn’t gather the same intelligence? Boy, They WUTLESS ‘NAH’!

What is incredible is the fact that Francis’ body along with another just a week earlier were all discovered just a stone throwaways from the Commissioner of Police’s office, a yard away from the Courts and in the Church yard. The Bahamas has a serious, SERIOUS problem!

Was his death another robbery gone bad? We shall never know. The murder count is now stands at a record-breaking 88.


  1. I sometimes wonder why people find it necessary to talk about a person’s sexuality when it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that a terrible and completely horrific act of violence was carried out and took the life of a dear friend, brother, uncle, and son. Francis was NOT gay. Far from it actually. But even if he were, how does that change the seriousness of what has happened and what continues to be happening? Does a person’s sexuality detract from the fact that they were responsible, caring, kind, ambitious, driven, intelligent, loving, conscientious and innocent? I happened upon this page and amidst trying to come to terms with the loss of Francis, it disgusts and hurts me to see such callous assumptions being made based on a picture. Who cares what picture they decided to post for the article? Any reasonable human being would look past a picture to the actual content of the article and try to sympathize with the situation. It infuriates me the absolute disregard some people will choose to express. Plain and simple, this was a tragedy. The loss of Francis and other strong, Bahamian men like him is a national tragedy. People sitting there speculating about his sexuality are missing the point…big time. He was a future leader and someone who loved his country and wanted to make a positive impact. He was a hard worker and an intelligent person. He was a great friend and brother and son. He made a lot of people proud and he had a lot of people pulling for him in his corner because in a lot of ways he was an inspiration. He was not gay…and even if he was, WHO CARES? In the end of it all, we lost a great human being far too soon. And I would hope that people would respect that fact for what it is and stop trying to slander the name or defame the life of an extraordinary individual.

  2. We need solutions people. Yes there is crime, yes some people are homo and bisexuals, yes their are people sweethearting, yes there are men and women who could care less about what happens to you or me,but all the same there are some good people in this country. Good young men and women who aspire to be better than what they see.  God is the only one qualified to judge any of us. Regardless of a persons sexual preference they do not deserve to be forced to face death by the unclean hand of any man or woman.

    We have issues in this country that need to be looked at closely and I would say our country is too small for this type of foolish killing, and crime. 

    We look at taking another persons life as something of honor in this country, an initiation of some sorts. 

    To those who do it, if it is so honorable then why do you run like a coward and hide away after you have committed your crime?

    Francis was a beautiful, kind hearted person. He loved his family and excelled in all he did.  That is more than many of us can say.  So, keep your judgements to yourself  because none of us are faultless.

    As far as solutions, we are human and we can not once say that this country will have no crime, people fall into sin, so if we can stop it completely how do we slow it down?

    CCTV – Criminals need to know they are being watched
    Capital Punishment – Criminals need to be aware that they will be punished. Not put back out on the streets to take another life. 

    Build a better prison – This country obviously has too much criminals  housed at one time in Fox hill, and besides that, I never understood why  a  prison with murderers and every degree of criminals  is still standing near  neighborhoods were people reside… Put them on an island… we have enough to spare. One close enough to build a bridge to and escape is not so easy. 

    Clean up the judicial system, there are too many cases taking too long to be tried, this country is not that big!

    Get more trained officers… I have seen some officers on the force I went to schools with who were the baddest of the crew coming out of high school.  I just hope they have changed there ways.. 

    To catch criminals though, we need people trained properly in evidence gathering and interrogation, and more than a handful.

    Just a thought.. or two

  3. This young man was a decent person, according to my brother and his wife. They had nothing but good things to say about him and they refer to him as a friend. Both of them attended AF Adderley with him his tragic death as come as a shock to them and they feel what happened to him was so unnecessary and they would not be missing his funeral for the world, because they would feel bad if they didn’t pay their last respect to just a kind and loving person. We are all praying for whoever did this to him to be caught.

  4. Media, I read Kb’s post twice, I would wish that you would give that post some prominence, so that it can be discussed.It is well written and speaks clearly to the problems we have among our young men

  5. i wish people would stop judging people , i gree that was a bad choice of pics , but thats francis , clowning around.  i have known this dude all my life , we grew up in yellow elder.francis was definitely not gay . he was  person to look up to in our neighbourhood. he took what he had and made himself a good person,  cut out that bullshit bout him being gay

  6. Lady & Lovely, I had no idea that there were degrees of gayness. I was led to believe that you were either a hetero, homo, or bio…btw, wrt Mr. Moncur’s comments, it is general knowledge that there is at least one homo Archdeacon on the Island, and that those folk, homos, are extremely jealous and passionate about their passions. Just sayin’..do not dismiss anything, yet..and do not swear for anyone…

  7. Successful and focused young man, what a loss to lose an actual ‘on-the-right track’ Bahamian young man.  Being a young man myself I can attest to the fact that there aren’t many young Bahamian men in or even trying to be in this particular league.  Many young men my age are solely concerned with simple and menial things such as the latest tennis shoe, rims, a sound system, how much girls they can run through, how much name brand shirts they can collect with the tags still on them.  It sickens me to see how much potential is going to waste in this country.  I’ll have you know, as a qualified young man, I have NO problem whatsoever finding employment in professional and corporate arenas that seek to provide opportunities for young men because of the scarcity of qualified males in this country.  While this is an advantage to me, it shows me that many males of this country are not academically inclined.  Yes, education and academics is not for everyone, but come on …how illiterate can we allow our people to be??!?  How can it be right as a young Bahamian man in my early 20’s  to feel as if I am out of place in my own country because so many males my age are doing one thing and I am doing another.  If I’m not bopping down Bay Street causing a raucous at Junkanoo time, verbally degrading and pulling on girls who walk pass me, have an escalade on 24″ rims sitting outside my mother’s house where both my ‘baby mother’ and I plus our 2 kids reside I’m not sayin’ anything as a Bahamian male?  If I’m neatly dressed and have a decent looking young lady on my arm my generational copatriots want to try and ‘test’ me for no reason?  If you look different from the norm of a nasty bushy patch of hair in the back of your head, your pants tucked in your socks, black ashy lips and yellow eyes your targeted for assault or robbery?….I really wish young males of this country could be spearheaded in the right direction.  Let go of the ‘ghetto’ and ‘badman’ mentality, stop trying to live for and impress others, stop being so easily influenced.  Realize that you’re wasting your time and your lives and ultimately encouraging people not to show any care or remorse for you when you eventually destroy your life and the lives of others. Wise up please, for the future of this country, this land and more extensively this world is not yours alone.

    • Kb, Thanks so much….if only 25% of our male population, could see and think as you do, we would not have our young men parading across our television screens, everynight, with eiter someone crying over them or someone screaming at them in disgust.Keep it up! all the best to you, and ever other young man like you, out there.

  8. To Jan and Rodney I heary the Church argument, but that is not here nor there. People, young people are being slaughtered here and police and the media covering it up. PLEASE lets stay on course here.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. This boy came home to his family for Christmas from the frigged temperature in Canada. The boy came here to hail his family just like that young woman and look what some JACK RABBIT did to him. Cut him up  and threw him in the Church Yard. MY GOD!

    I see C B Moss tried to hold a Crime rally, no one showed up. I saw Rodney Moncur hold a march, still no major outcry. But someone decided to light the Christmas Tree down town and I could not get home for the traffic.

    ALL THIS SLAUGHTER OF PEOPLE In THIS CITY and people have more passion for Junkanoo over human life. WHAT DO US!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    • I totally agree with your comment. People have their priorities mix right up and they have become very uncaring. They don’t even try to relate to other people’s pain and what they are going through anymore. Once it doesn’t have anything to do with them or the people that they love they know just how to turn a blind eye, but when it is their time they want everybody to stop what they doing and pay attention to them. These selfish people really need to know that, today it’s me, tomorrow it could be you, just keep that in mind when you decide to turn a blind eye to me and my pain.

  10. We have a SERIOUS PROBLEM PEOPLE! Dead bodies are being discover all over this country and police are not classifying these matters. WHERE ARE THE JOURNALISTS TO ASK THE TOP BRASS, WHAT ARE THE COUNT OF UNCLASSIFIED DEATHS IN 2007, 2008 AND 2009? What is the number?

    All over this country young men are being gunned down, OLD men are found swinging by their necks from a trees. Mothers are being shot to death while brest feeding the babies. Dead corps are being discovered even in the CHURCH YARD and the police along with the WUTLESS media FAILS in communicating these matters and properly classifying them to the public.

    How is it BP in less than 24 hours could confirm the body as that of Farrington and not one member of the WUTLESS media could? How is it civilians [NOT JOURNALIST] could locate the family, SPEAK to police officers and get confirmation on that discovery and NOT ONE DAMN REPORTER COULD? It is no wonder we are in the state we are in! We ran out of this country ‘FREE THINKERS’ and REAL JOURNALISTS LIKE DARROLD MILLER.

    When Darrold was at Jones Communications, LOVE 97FM was a NEWS LEADER, #1. Ask them where they are now.


    Bahamas Press/Editor

    PS: I would not make such sweeping generalizations against members of the Anglican Community Mr Moncur for scripture say, “If we say we have no sin, we deceive our own self and the truth is NOT IN US!” I therefore submit to you SIR, Sin is EVERYWHERE! It is in the Baptist, The Pentecostal, The Catholic, The Methodist, The Church of GOD and in The Anglican. The CHURCH IS YOU AND ME! And therein lies our global problem. We are ALL CORRUPTED BY SIN!

  11. We believe that there are to many dead bodies being discovered on the Anglican Church office yard and that the Anglican leadership must be call in for interrogation. The police should get smart and call in the leadership of the Church including all the priests, deacons and others who work there. The foolish arguement that this is the Church and that they should not be questioned is irrelevant as we know that the Anglicans in recent time has been telling their members that there is nothing wrong with robbing the rich! Many Anglicans are not save and are quite capable of  going contrary to the law!

    • Stop with the misleading information. The Anglican priest who encouraged shoplifting in these “difficult” times was Rev. Tim Jones, a parish priest from NORTH ENGLAND and was NOT  a Bahamian Anglican priest as was inferred by your comment.NO BAHAMIAN ANGLICAN PRIEST MADE THAT STATEMENT…….. SO STOP TRYING TO BEAT THEM WITH THE SAME NORTH ENGLAND PRIEST’S SWITCH.In the words of $arah Palin: “WHY DON’TCHA JUST QUIT MAKING THINGS UP”?By the way, the UK Anglican diocese of which Rev Tim Jones is a member, has duly dealt with him.As for being “save[d]” as you put it, many of the persons who are not Anglicans, and who also CLAIM that they are saved, are nothing but  HYPOCRITES when it comes to displaying same the moral values they love to criticize others for not having.How many “saved” so-called christians sit in church and claim they have received the “holy ghost”, and then go home to cook for their sweethearts, or eat the dinner prepared by their sweethearts? …… And that is just ONE example of their hypocrisy.

  12. Francis was a nice looking man with interesting features, but I am wondering if there isn’t a more masculine looking picture of him that could have been used instead of this one. When I first saw this photo of him, I had to look twice to determine if this was a man or woman and if BP didn‘t say, “he.” I still wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. I am glad people who knew him are coming to his defense and clearing up any misconceptions that people maybe forming about him, it just goes to show you can’t judge the book by its cover. Whatever Francis was he was a human being most of all and the fact of the matter is this young man was murdered in cold blood and his remains were left to decompose as if he didn’t belonged to anyone. I can’t even begin to imagine what his family members and friends are going through. My prayers are that God will bring them to a point where they will be able to cope with the void they now feel and may he give them strength to take each day at a time and continue to place their trust in him. I pray that the person(s) who did this to Francis will be caught and they will receive their just reward.

  13. Raah- No this is not one of those situations. Francis was not gay.Jelly- Francis made those faces from time to time for pictures or to make others laugh -thats the person he was. Francis was far from gay.

    • Raah there is no place for this comment on here. Where in the hell you got that from? We find this remark by you disgusting and despicable!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

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