Charles Maynard is a Junkanoo man and he still can't run junkanoo!


Christie Junkanoo<<< The Tin man, Straw Man and the Pussy Cat without an ounce of COURAGE parading on Bay Street.

Nassau, Bahamas — It is clear new Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture, Charles Maynard, will be the most disappointing minister in the Ingraham government in recent times. Not that he’ll take Kenneth Russell’s crown as KingNaught of , but the facts are clear as he continues to tingle himself in a fish net of trouble like a swelled tuna.

We warned Ingraham that Maynard would prove a sore disappointment to the country, but who listens to us? First it was the miscommunication that Junkanoo tickets went on sale the Wednesday one week before the Boxing Day parade. That proved to be a flop, the minister then apologized and confirmed ticket sales would then be sold the Saturday coming.

Saturday came with another ball of confusion, long lines and a cussing crowd. Nevertheless, that’s not all. If you went to the parade holding your ticket in hand your seat was already taken. Two sets of Junkanoo tickets were being printed for the same seat. NOW WHAT IS THIS? It is no wonder Maynard could be heard telling the pressTicket sales were at its best it has been in long time.” And rightly so of course it was, because someone out of Maynard’s office was profiting with his or her own ticket sales.maynardcharles

Maynard told the Nassau Guardian, “From my understanding the tickets were misprinted. Some rows and sections that did not existed were put on the ticket, but other sections that were available were not printed. So people had to sit in sections that were not printed on the ticket.” What Maynard failed to address was that fact that scores of ticket holders had to stand up in areas where they paid. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

We warn the government to quickly throw Pillsbury Dough Boyout of the Cabinet Room before he sinks the entire ship of rotten eggs.

Bahamas Press is ready to report another Cabinet move is imminent. Stay tuned


The Sraw man is represented on Bay Street by Workers Party leader Rodney Moncur.