New report says if election was called today PLP will sweep country!


plp-rift.jpg<<< PLP leadership: Christie, Wilchcombe and Hanna at a press conference. (file photo)

Nassau, Bahamas — Perry Christie and his band PLPs remind us of an old biblical story found in 1Kings chapter 22. The chapter reads into an allegory now being played out in the organization. It is the story of a prophet’s warning to the King of Israel advising him not war with the Syrians. But he refused to listen to the revelation of the prophet.

Everywhere you go PLPs young and old are telling Christie he cannot do battle with Hubert. Everywhere he turns he hears the echoes of CHANGE! Everywhere he enters he hear people saying, from Grand Bahama in the north to Acklins in the south, he can’t beat Hubert, that he’s too old, that the country needs youthful leadership; but Christie wouldn’t listen.

The Greenberg Quinlan Rosner report delivered a blow to Christie. He decided to reject the report. And just like the King of Israel in the biblical text, he put the advice aside. The report outlined Christie’s weakness as the main reason for the PLP sitting in opposition. In a nutshell it described the leader of the PLP as ineffective, lazy and WUTLESS!

Bahamas Press is advised that two senior members of the Progressive Liberal Party after reading the report told Christie that he must begin his exit from the party sooner rather than later. But again he refuses to listen. The young people of the party are calling for his resignation and is telling the aging party leader to “ROLLOUT”! But he refuses to heed.

Now we’re hearing word that Christie has commissioned a second survey, which confirms that if the election was called in The Bahamas today, the PLP will win every seat in New Providence. Only a lying prophet, and in this case a survey, can reveal such a thing. This report has Christie jumping. Dusting off his rusted crown. He’s now acting as if elections will be held tomorrow, and is forgetting elections are 3 years away.

And so like the King of Israel in that biblical story, Christie will now gather his more than 400 lying prophets [PLP Stalwarts and delegates] at his party’s October convention to echo a second false prophesy. He only wishes to hear that he’s the man to once again lead the PLP into battle with the Syrians [FNM]. He like that King of Israel wants to hear that he’s the man who can beat Hubert Ingraham in 2012. We know he will attempt to ride a wave with this new report at the Party’s convention because to him this is news he wants to share.

But anyone who knows Bahamian politics like we do will know the report is just another scheme perpetrated Christie. Has anyone seen Michael Pintard’s production ‘Count it Again’? The play outlines the current traits of the Bahamian voter. Today’s electorate wears both party colours and hold in each hand a party flag. These are the voters who say, “YOU IS THE MAN!” to your face and behind your back ‘cuss’ you when the door closes. PLPs should remember this is still The Bahamas, not Atlanta’s CNN. We never do the polling thing well.

What the PLP should doing is making sure that there is not a repeat of fraudulent ballots or illegal voters voting in 2012 as many did in 2007. NOTHING has been done to reform the voting process. And to this very day no one in the PLP has called for the removal of Errol Bethel.

And so the King of Israel went to battle with Syria, he took no heed from the warnings of the prophet. The seer had told him: I see Israel scattered like a sheep on the hills without a leader! But the King went anyway and was the first to be taken out by the Syrians. He died from a sole spear to his chest. And the story went; as they washed his red blood from his chariot, the dogs came and lick it.

Bahamas WE NEED CHANGE!!!!!!


  1. As men are wise so are they ignorant. Time will provide the answers to all the questions they are asking. The time for change is here again not to be denied or postponed. IT’S NOW!! How could Christie hold a press conference with two persons who wants to see him gone? Obie and Glenys. This is getting interesting by the minute. The smile in your face, Judas kiss, cut throat faction of the PLP are out in the open and they are hard at work.

  2. Bahamas Press is reporting an attempt by Christie to derail Brave Davis deputy leadership bid…Stay Tuned for this BREAKING UPDATE!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. @Altec
    Well, Well, Well at least we are not like member of the WUTLESS MEDIA. We have made it clear on here, “WE WISH CHRISTIE and HIS BUDDY Ingrahm NO GOOD”!

    So we ain’t Changing that position and so get use to it.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. Wow, Altec, we’ve been signing the same song with BP and even when I take a break, its amazing that nothing stops BP and Media from digging and digging and throwing and throwing hoping something sticks. There are so many other more interesting stories out there but it seems BP is either out of the loop or not interested in reporting these things because it affects the people who are their favorites or backers. Which is it BP?

    You hinted at the story happening in Grand Bahama with a certain young turk going down there but you also indicated you didn’t have the full story. What happened man, something got stuck in your deep throat eh? You want me to tell you what’s going down? Or did you agree to not let the cat out of the bag yet when you spoke to the 26 year old political wannabe who is also in the media? Come with it man, I want you to be consistent and tell that story. Looks like the Guardian scooped you already on that one.

    In the meantime, I’ll sit back and read all the names you call me and everyone else who don’t necessarily buy into the drama.

  5. BP, i done tell you i take everything you say about PC with a grain of salt because of your unwillingness to be objective about him.

    How is it that you question the new report that shows PC in a favorable light, but dont question the fist report that shows him in an unfavorable position? Oh, thats right, you HATE PC, oops, i forgot that. So any information thats is favorable to PC you discredit. How objective of you.

    The Greenberg Quinlan Rosner report was done months after a shocking and stinging election defeat. At the time many PLP’s wanted PC head on a platter similarly to the behavior of the FNM’s wanting Tommy’s head after the 2002 FNM loss. It has now been 2 and 1/2 yrs of HAI governance and the emotions of the election loss has waned and common sense is starting to kick back in. PLP’s know that PC is the man for this time, and the people and party are coalescing around him as we speak!

    2 and 1/2 yrs later, everywhere you go people realize they got bamboozled in 2007. So a new survey/poll will only reflect the mood change of the people which has now began to sour on the FNM leadership.

    Truth be told, the new report didnt show what YOU wanted it too. You wanted this new report to be similar to the first report, but to your dismay it wasnt. So, rather than acknowledging that the second report shows the mood of the country is shifting from the FNM to PLP, you ignored that, and took another swipe at PC and painted him as a leader who makes decisions based on what he wants to hear, using a biblical analogy to make your point.

    Well let me ask you BP, is the mood of the country shifting? You know it is. But you dont want it to shift while PC is still the leader of the PLP because you know it would cause the establishment, party members and independents to look to the PLP and rally around PC thus making any challenge to his leadership even more difficult and his chances of winning in 2012 improve even greater.

    You even dissed the poll by saying “PLPs should remember this is still The Bahamas, not Atlanta’s CNN. We never do the polling thing well.” Well if that is true then that means the first report done, The Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, that showed PC as a bad leader, its polling is also wrong as well! You cant have it both ways BP!

    Now i 100% agree with you when you say “what the PLP should [be] doing is making sure that there is not a repeat of fraudulent ballots or illegal voters voting in 2012 as many did in 2007…reform the voting process…[and seek] the removal of Errol Bethel.” But if truth be told all these same elements was in place in 2002 and the PLP still won.

    There needs to be many changes in the electoral process but most importantly, the PLP needs to get that focus and level of party operation it had back in 2002. This isnt about HAI or PC, its about the will of the people, and the people are starting to frown upon the policies and leadership of the FNM.

  6. Good try BP but Christie never sanctioned this survey, it was requested and paid for privately by other persons. Your report on the outcome is also not 100 percent correct.