A mistress living in McAlpine's home cause Glennis go berserk


the-mcalpines-1<<< The McAlpines one year ago walking out of the Pro Cathedral Anglican Church on Grand Bahama as husband and wife. One year later a topless woman is in the marital home and refuses to leave. Boy Freddy you dangerous!

Freeport, Grand Bahama — Now as Bahamas Press warned, we said we will prove that Rev. Fredrick McAlpine is a DAMN LIAR! Before we could have click the sent button and publish the story about Fred’s abuse on his wife Glennis, the McAlpines were on the steps of the Senate building refuting our claim [Listen to News Break Report]. They said it ain’t so! McAlpine said he didn’t know if it was an attack coming from the PLP or the FNM. He also went as far as to say, the master must have something good in store for him and he’s right! A resignation letter!

Bahamas Press‘ deep throat on the Royal Bahamas Police Force is fresh from a long needed vacation, and here’s what we now know.

According to a police report filed in the control room in early July around 9:45PM, police received a call from a resident at Fortune Bay, Lucaya, Freeport, who made a domestic complaint. The caller identified herself as Glennis Knowles-McAlpine the wife of Senator Fredrick McAlpine. She complained that an intruder has entered her home and had refused to leave. Glennis’ complaint added that she had been attacked by her husband and was calling for assistance.

The former Miss Bahamas (1998) and police officer updated police of the situation when they arrived at the home around 10PM. As police took charge of the scene it is reported that a woman, claiming to be a cousin and church member of Fredrick McAlpine Ministries, Nicole Morris, was in the couples bedroom and had refused to leave the home. It is said that Morris, 36, was in the house when Glennis arrived home that evening. She, police were told, was only wearing a G-STRING and walking around topless whilst cooling out in the A/C resident. Meanwhile McAlpine claimed that  he was in the study. YEAH RIGHT!

In response to our initial story published last week, McAlpine claimed on the steps of the Senate building that, he was a loving person who had never been violent towards his wife, and that “he was never caught in a compromising position.” Who asked him how he was caught at that press conference? Guilty minds go wondering indeed! But Freddy need not to be caught, the woman was already topless, he simply was not yet undressed. And so there you have it.

Now Bahamas Press doesn’t find this behaviour of Fredrick McAlpine strange, persons living on Grand Bahama should ask the former Mrs. McAlpine #1 why she left Freddy everything including the dog and cat and filed for her divorce. Glennis we know is in Nassau now living with relatives recuperating from the ordeal, which happened near a month ago. One Sunday was not anywhere near her husband’s Grand Bahama church.

It was just amazing, however, to see that even the WUTLESS DUTTY TOILET PAPER CONFIRMED THAT A “DOMESTIC COMPLAINT” was filed, but they refused to say not a word about it. As we said before, if this was Zonicle, Gibson, Gray or some other PLP, the news would have been different. But because it is an FNM, Ohhhhh they tried to bury it. THEY ARE BIAS AND WUTLESS!

Rev. Fredrick McAlpine is a DAMN LIAR! And as we said, we will prove it!


  1. @follishness
    Yeah, I read when Vell Vait said that was her in the photo with them on their wedding day, but I never believe it. I never dreamt in a million years anyone could be that bold. How could you attend somebody’s wedding and then turn around and sweetheart their husband? Glennis is just too sweet, because if it was me, the beating I would have put on her, she would have been able to fit in a size 0 jeans, because I was doing to beat all that fat of her free of charge, she wouldn’t have to worry about no tummy tuck or paying weight watchers or curve to lose the weight. Just knowing she been to my wedding posing up in my pictures and eating up everything on the menu and knowing she don’t wish my marriage no good would have been enough to make me go berserk on her. I would have been like: Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here. Y’all gon’ make me go all out, up in here, up in here. Y’all gon’ make me act a fool, up in here, up in here, Y’all gon’ make me lose my cool up in here, up in here.

  2. no miss nicole went 2 da weddin u een hear wat “man vell wait” say aye she is da biggest heifer in da biggie dress dey say love blind well love is also smart and suppose 2 see wats goin on

  3. @follishness

    I see you gone dig this one up again aye, when I was just putting this behind me. I hate to see people trying to take someone for a fool. How could that man bring his sweetie into his marital home and allowed her to walk around practically naked and then turn around and tell Glennis that is one of his cousins? If that was his cousin, how come Glennis didn’t know her? Him and this cousin seems to be very close, she should have at least attended their wedding. If she were one of his cousins for true, Glennis suppose to at least know that one.

  4. chal i hear she livin in da states (1st wifey) and at olive i went 2 da weddin and agnes wasnt even dere mad cauz he waz 4 her anywy freddie u mighta get away wit da 1st wifey but not wit da 2nd 1 she call police on ya a$$ u get wat u deserve

  5. I just cannot understand how in the world Mrs. Mcalpine can stay in a relationship as such…when she cries wolf the next time I am sure no one will run to her rescue…she must be love misery..some ppl think thats LOVE…makes you wonder if she really has brains behind all that beauty

  6. It’s nothing new for our men to bump around here and there with a family member. That’s why rape and other sexual offences are so prevalent in our society. Our women need to come out of denial and stop the madness. They will continuously be abused if they allow men to brainwash them into staying in that type of relationship. Even if a woman decides to stay, it should be on her terms, one of which should be to ensure that her man receives the counselling and treatment required.

  7. Freddie, Freddie, Freddie, you just dont stop nah why you’ll lying bout you’ll is cousins yeah right as bang up as home gal is she get the nerves to be parading up in g-string and topless she thought she was on Jerry Springer aye. Right now she is his trill factory and cheap trills at that. I dont know why you’ll sound like you’ll surprise of this kind of action from Freddie you’ll thought Freddie was descent aye…Oh cause he have Rev. in front of his name aye stay right there he’s one of the million wolfs in sheep clothing. Freddie been cutting movies before Lifetime Movie Network.

  8. @Smiley
    I don’t see nothing to smile about, when a married man could be so bold to bring his sweetheart into his marital home. This is not a smiling matter. That is very disgusting and I was going to knock the smile off both of their faces.

  9. I find it hard to believe that big lady was walking around in a g string topless. I think mrs macalpine probably caught them in the act, this is why the police were called.He don’t have no shamemy christ.

  10. Cousin or no cousin, I was bucking the two of their heads up the wall, because I don’t have time to run on with foolishness. Aint no grown woman suppose to be walking around in your house with only a G-String on and topless and only her and your husband home. That could have been he ma, I don’t care. The two of their heads was going into the wall. He talking foolishness, but this he cousin. When people done tell ya cousin and cousin is make dozen. That girl too brassy, but by the time I finish with them they would have been the ones calling the police for me. Anyway, these people know just where to go and to do they foolishness.


  12. helllllo yes i no the first wife, and her family well,she and her family is from Inagua a well respected family, the rite Rev. Godfry Bain, and his daughter’s name who was his first wife is Ms Lavanda Bain, who has moved on and is schooling herself and his kids byself you hear me herself.

  13. LOL…..now this is entertainment!!! You mean to tell me that he has a beauty queen and this is the chick he steppin out with. Heavens no! The Mrs needs to move on, because Rev cannot be serious. If you’re gonna cheat on a woman, at least get an upgrade.

  14. Well muddoes that’s who Nicole is….well my rats a$$ say it aint so man!!! from a beauty to a beast…..unbeliveable!!! I mean its wrong what he is doing on the whole but dang dred with DAT….yuck!!!

  15. To Altec: Check this link out and scroll down to the bottom….cuz I member when he got married his pics was on Bahamas weekly and Nicole is the biggest heifer in the beige dress on the side of Tracey in the green dress. Now Tracey’s son with Macalpine (is the little boy in the front… now who does he look like???? Umm ok then!!! Tell him own up to that one…..he does only claim he have two chrirrens dem….but he first wife chirrens dem fine though aint ga lie bout that…anyone know who the first wife is???? just asking


  16. The Report is Correct. Fred replied and said to his wife “you dont know me” Nocole has my back she always has my ba gat my back…he obviously gat her front.

  17. @Altec
    Whatever the case Altec, she met the woman walking around in her home with a G-String on and topless, that’s all we see in the report sent to us.


  18. Media, is there a chance that Glennis and Freddie were already separated at this time? why would Freddie bring a woman over to the house when he knew his wife would be arrive home as well? Freddie had to have believed that no one, including the wife, would be coming over to the house.

    Glennis arrival from work was not expected by Freddie? Well how come? Seems like they were not living together media.

    Plus, i think there has to be a fourth person involved because someone had to tip of Glennis to go pass by her house!

    The only question i have for Glennis is, why stand by him after what he did?

  19. Freddie doing he “cousin”? BOL! BP he have that sexy wife and he doing he cousin? BP please tell me you have a pic of “cousin” Nicole!!

  20. Oh Freddy you are on the front page of the Punch as well today. What happen to the other women in your church like Agnes, Tracey your outside son (11year old)

  21. Trinity :LOL…….This story is just too juicy. I never understood why women protect their husbands in situations like these. It speaks to how she thinks of herself, to protect him even under the circumstances. If he hit you once love, he will do it again. On top of all of that, to bring another woman in their home, whether or not she was a “cousin” shows a lack of regard for her feelings. CAn someone tell me why we keep on recycling these bunch of losers as representatives?


    Because she is brainwashed by this wutless pastor.


  22. LOL…….This story is just too juicy. I never understood why women protect their husbands in situations like these. It speaks to how she thinks of herself, to protect him even under the circumstances. If he hit you once love, he will do it again. On top of all of that, to bring another woman in their home, whether or not she was a “cousin” shows a lack of regard for her feelings. CAn someone tell me why we keep on recycling these bunch of losers as representatives?

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