Officer down in Coral Harbour Road…


Young girl drugged and sexually assaulted on highway…Eight men in custody…

“Duck” Greenslade and 21 year old, Quinton Smith AKA Chin Chee were homicide victims this weekend.

Nassau, Bahamas – Police now have three suspects allegedly responsible for the shooting death of a police officer that occurred on Sunday 16th April 2017.

Bahamas Press has confirmed the victim is officer 102 ‘DUCK’ GREENSLADE.

According to reports, shortly after 1:00am Police received a report that someone had been shot on Coral Harbour Road. Police on arrival at a service road off Coral Harbor Road, met the lifeless body of an off duty police officer who was shot. The victim was pronounced dead on the scene.

Meanwhile, police are investigation an incident which involved the drugging of a young girl by a group of males. Police have already detained some eight suspects allegedly involved in this horrific crime.
We report yinner decide!

The victim in that fatal shooting tonight in Ridgeland Park Saturday evening has been identified!

We understand the victim be one 21 year old, Quinton Smith AKA Chin Chee…

He is from North Long Island.