Opposition Leader Philip Davis on Relief issues in Abaco and Grand Bahama

Leader of the Opposition Hon. Philip Brave Davis Q.C.


Since the Government does not speak with the PLP and in keeping with the promise of the PLP to keep the public informed of issues relating to the Government’s Hurricane relief effort or defaults thereof, I bring the following matters to the attention of the public:

In Elbow Cay, a notice has gone out from the Local Government Committee that second homeowners will only be allowed limited access to their properties with prior notice to the Committee and only for periods of 7 days. There is clearly no lawful authority for this and the concern is that certain members of the Local Government Committee may have arrogated to themselves this authority and overstepped their bounds in this matter. Second homeowners have complained that this is their property, that they have organized the relief efforts including transportation and it is unfair for them to be denied access to their properties at will, once they have the necessary immigration permission to enter The Bahamas.

In Grand Bahama, the complaint is about the lack of communication by government agencies about what they intend for hurricane relief. People are left hanging with no idea of when the Government’s relief efforts for the rebuilding of the community will begin. Privately, people close to the FNM political power structure have been told that vouchers are to be given out sometime this week to allow for rebuilding but this is not generally known and there is anxiety in the community as a result of the lack of communication and information.

The PLP will continue to keep the public informed.