Our voice shall not be stopped or hindered


Our voice shall not be stopped or hindered

Dear reader,

Attempts have been made by some to impede the work of Bahamas Press by hacking into our network and blocking a number of systems.

Every attempt is being made as we write to have this problem rectified. Despite the setback, we are determined to report BREAKING NEWS and information coming online.

Our thousands of readers outside the Bahamas are not hampered by interruption. Our global technicians have identified the problem to be one emanating from Internet users linked to BTC’s network in the Bahamas.

We are advised at the moment Cable Bahamas’ users are unaffected.

Bahamas Press has also learnt hackers using the BTC networks have posted a page by an internet reselling / hosting company, which suggest that Bahamas Press is for sale.

We are not for sale; no pun intended. The page is a fraud!

Our teams dispatched outside of the Bahamas, in Europe, South American and in the Asian Pacific are working wrestle control of our feed and this will require patience.

We express our deepest apologies to those affected in the thousands who have made contact with us throughout the day.

The Bahamas is on the eve of a general election, and therefore we know many are determined to control and wrench the dissemination of information from this organization.

We shall not let up. We shall not fall down. We shall keep on writing.

Truth throughout history has always been flag hoisted by few. It is one that has been yanked, buried, and burnt at a stake for ages. We are prepared to be our fate and combat the powers wherever we find them.

Bahamas Press will not roll over and die.

As the voice of CHANGE sweeping across The Bahamas, we are prepared to lift a high note and spread our Gospel of truth around the world.

Join us.

Again we apologize and wish for you our loyal readers to join us on Facebook at the following addresses:



Alexander James

CEO Bahamas Press

PS: God make ugly but he don’t like it.


  1. Your DNS A and pointer records for your website need to be fixed. Contact me via email if your firm needs help.

  2. BP don’t ever ever give up. Don’t let these dumb, moron Bahamians who you are actually trying to HELP, get you down. Most of them on FB. When you read what some of them say, you think maybe IngRum need to stay in power to reek his terror on their a**es….Can’t believe someone in my Internet service provider did that to this site. Prbbly an Ingrum zombie that was paid off.

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