Sands wife leaves the home over Dr. Friday at PMH


Duane Sands and Sakina Sands back in 2010.

Get this, Dr. Friday is the Ex-Wife some say

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is on the hunt for those persons behind the locking down of our network, but in the meantime we have many more stories to post before the 2012 general elections come to a close.

One story we are now investigating intently surrounds the wife of a senator who left him this week.

In the middle of Valentines and in the heart of winter, the Elizabeth bad candidate, Duane Sands, got dumped by his wife.

The smart and beautiful Sakina Sands packed her bags up and dumped the JACKASS who is heartless to say the least.

Sakina, who also works in the medical profession, discovered that her husband was scheming on her with one Dr. Friday. The light skinned Pilipino beauty is head at a major division of the hospital where Sands works.

We are told midnight rendezvous of fun and frolic left medical teams at the PMH in a shock. Sands, some say, was bold in his advances, showing open affection to his drop-dead gorgeous sweetie.

But now the wife knows and all is not well. Sands is now facing a court action of INFIDELITY and could lose the children, the marital home, the dogs and the cat. We at BP also know he will lose in the Elizabeth constituency.

We report Yinner decide.


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