PE teacher terminated at Aquinas College after taking his 10th grade student out on a date at the Fish Fry!


Young schoolgirl was dropped home 2am in the morning –

Questions now circle Aquinas College over the termination of a PE teacher who is alleged to have dated a 10th grader.

Teacher had been removed from two schools earlier and Catholic Board has yet to say “Why”?

Young teen was taken to fish fry on a date by the PE educator. This is a file photo and is not the actual photo of the teen...

Nassau, Bahamas –– Bahamas Press is now following serious, SERIOUS developments within the Catholic Board of Education under the leadership of Claudette Rolle.

Now this is the second story on the institution in weeks and, from what we have now uncovered, it is safe to conclude that something stinks to the high heavens.

Bahamas Press’ deep investigative teams have been following a recent dismissal at the Aquinas College, the plushest and newest campus under the board’s control, where we uncovered the recent termination of a Physical Education teacher.

Bahamas Press will at this time withhold the name of the teacher who we will describe by nickname “Loverboy”.

The Catholic Board should now become seriously concerned that BP is now on campus and promises to expose across the country the findings of our deep  investigations into what is happening on the grounds at the schools.

And here’s our story:

1)    Since entering the Physical Education department within the Catholic education system, the PE “Loverboy” educator has been transferred to three of the schools here on New Providence: first at St. Augustine’s College, then at St. Francis Xavier and since last year at Aquinas College on Gladstone Road.

2)    We can confirm in all transfers, the principal reasons for his removal was for dating young teachers who had recently joined the profession, but at Aquinas the PE instructor moved on and began his hunt for even younger schoolgirls still in class. Bahamas Press can confirm that the educator was fired weeks ago, and we kept silent so as to see if anyone would pick up the story.

3)    The young schoolgirl caught up with the Loverboy PE teacher while in class. According to sources the two hitched and what happened following this initial encounter forced an angry parent into the school with threats.

Bahamas Press understands a closer investigation revealed that the Loverboy educator took the 10th grader out for a date at the Fish Fry. The couple (teacher and student) were both spotted in the area.

Following the outing, only the GOOD MASTER knows what happened next after the young schoolgirl showed up home around 2 am the following morning. And there is more!

Get this, in the expanded philosophy at the Board of Education reads how teachers are made aware that “the Catholic school environment must therefore be concerned with the spiritual, mental, physical and social growth and development of those persons entrusted to their care.  This concern is fundamental to the teaching and instilling of good Christian values into our youngsters as we prepare them to take their rightful places in our Bahamian community.  All teachers are therefore reminded that each and every child placed before them is a unique person endowed with God-given sanctity and rights.”

BP has Questions:

1)    Why did it take a parent to demand the termination of this educator before something was done?

2)    Why was the incident never reported to the police?

3)    Why was the educator transferred to more than three schools just years apart? Were there any reason[s] for this usual transfer of the teacher?

4)    What is the Board now doing to upgrade its protection of students at all schools around the country when it comes to teacher/student relations?

5)    How is it no member of the WUTLESS MEDIA of the Bahamas uncovered this development which occurred weeks ago? Why was it never reported?

And there’s more: We understand the terminated Loverboy PE teacher is now seeking a job in the public education system.

Boy, I tell ya – when you see ya children acting funny – yinner better sit them down and have a heart to heart chat with them.

The predators are out and some a dem starting up church!

We report yinner decide!