PLP Comments on Hubert Ingraham and The FNM’s handling of the Freeport GB economy



By The Progressive Liberal Party

15th June, 2011

The Progressive Liberal Party, in the national Interest, continues to review the Nassau Guardian’s publication of the WikiLeaks documents as they relate to our beloved Bahamaland, specifically Freeport Grand Bahama.

The revelations in the June 14th edition of the Nassau Guardian represent the U.S.’ assessment of the FNM’s handling of the Freeport’s economy. There was focus on the Prime Minister’s conduct of government business, and its subsequent ill-effects, the brunt of which are borne by ordinary Bahamians.

The confidential cable characterized the Prime Minister’s behavior as placing the Grand Bahamian economy in “jeopardy”, and also expressed the view that that same behavior may have “stalled” other projects.

Well that certainly sounds like Mr. Ingraham. We know that Standard and Poors expressed the view that his “stop, review, and cancel” program deepened the effects that Bahamians felt during the recession, and that pain was felt not by the Prime Minister, his Ministers and his rich financiers, but by ordinary Bahamians who only want the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Instead we were subjected to the vicious placement of Mr. Ingraham’s boot on our collective necks. Fellow Bahamians we must send Mr. Ingraham home forthwith. We simply cannot afford him any longer. Our children and grandchildren will ask us why we let one man’s bellicosity, vindictiveness, and arrogance diminish their prospects. No wonder Freeport suffers so!!!

The WikiLeaks cable opined that Mr. Ingraham’s motives were petty, and his actions were” made out of anger” that the Grand Bahama Port Authority sought to bring in investors without first paying obeisance to the “chief”. At least one sitting FNM M.P. in an unguarded moment recently expressed his view that “Ingraham would bring the whole country to its knees in order to get at one person”. A truer word was never spoken. We have evidence of this everyday in this country.

More frightening was the U.S.’ belief that these moves were designed to pave the way for the Chinese (his new best friends) to take over Freeport, and that he may have also thwarted an opportunity to secure reduced fuel costs for the Bahamas Electricity Corporation.

That is Mr. Ingraham’s way isn’t it: pave the way for foreign interests while throwing stumbling blocks to the hopes and aspirations of the Bahamian people.

To the Grand Bahamians we say: “hold on because it aint long now”.

Shame Mr. Prime Minister, shame.



  1. First and foremost let us get something straight; FREEPORT- regardless of it geographical location IS NOT ran by THE GOVERNMENT OF THE BAHAMAS; in fact, we don’t use the services of the government.

    We have our own Utilitites Company ran by The Port Authority; we pay taxes to PORT AUTHORITY; realtors buy property from the Port Authority; GOVERNMENT ENTITIES RENT FROM THE PORT AUTHORITY- WHY? Because the property is THE PORT’s and NOT the govt’s.

    People are seemingly illadvised and simply uninformed as to what the state of Freeport is…since 2005 (i think that was the year) our economy practically died- NOT because of the GOVERNMENT but because of the 2 category 5 hurricanes that practically sought to ruin GRAND BAHAMA. Since then, it is has been hard to push forth BUT it is happening….SLOWLY!

    The government is responsible for the “outskirts” of Freeport and you can certainly see the difference- i’ll admit, NO GOVERNMENT has really done ANYTHING for my island; the fnm while instituting some things and bringing about some jobs ain’t do nothing and the ‘plp’ whom jumps on anything without thinking SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE LAST TO SPEAK. There has never been a plp presence on my island- NOT EVEN IN WEST END/BIMINI where they always have a winning seat.

    So people and/or “plps”- please do get over yourselves!

    I KNOW what my island, more specifically ‘city’, is about and no governing party could honestly say that they do…we need the PORT to LOWER taxes and find ways to create jobs BUT the PEOPLE need to stop being to dang reliant on others to do things for them that they can do for themselves! Find your own dang niche and do someting instead of sitting on your rump and complaining!

  2. Thank You Lord the FNM was in power during this bush recession !!! I can’t imagine how bad things would be if the corrupt PLP were in power…

    Hubert may have made a few folsk upset but he is a leader, Perry is alot of things but he is no leader…

  3. I feel that the point which has to be made is this. Freeport once called the Magic City is in need of strong and continuos inflows of capital. The Port Authority under its obligations under the Hawksbill Creek Agreement is responsible for this happening. Why then, would any government cause an obstruction in this happening? Freeport needs help; is citizens are entitled to live a good life created by the jobs attracted by the Port. There is no excuse for what has happened and the government should stand aside and let those persons best suited to creating jobs work their magic!

  4. if ya love it let it kill ya!! the bahamians love ing-rum they prove that in 07′ let’s see what happen b/c love is blind.

  5. Mr. Ingraham has no shame. Just as shameful is the way in which his ministers, m.p.s, and party officers support his rape , and sale of this country to his rich friends. He cannot clean Sir Lynden’s shoes. At least Sir Lynden put Bahamians first. Now we have this bi-polar Uncle Tom who is happiest in the arms of the remnants of the old UBP, and their wealthy off-spring. Papa is a neo-colonialist who believes that blacks should step back, and white is right. Man when he gave our BTC away to some English men he was orgasmic. To think he sat at the same table with rich foreigners!!! His life was complete!! What a corrupt creep. We are back to 1967 all over again. He must go.

  6. BP, What I find amazing is that in a Fred Mitchell press release dated May 23rd, and which can be found on the PLP website, he said “I urge all citizens of The Bahamas to take all of this very much with a lot of salt”. Now they want us to believe the cables to be true. It’s all around double talk. Then on June 1st, the PLP releases a press statement also found on their website that reads, “Wikileak cables reveal poor judgment by the Prime Minister” and “The Progressive Liberal Party demands the dismissal of Mr. Ferguson immediately in the interests of our nation’s security”. What is it, do we take what is said with a grain of salt, or are you admitting it’s true. I think I am expecting too much of the PLP, lately they have let me down at each turn.

    Ps. Before anyone gets the idea that I am being biased, I also checked the FNM website and they have not posted a single press release on Wikileaks, either admitting or denying the stories. But hey, trying to have deniability seems better than pure double talk. Come on PLP you really need to get it together and make a choice as to whether or not these Cables are true.

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