Father of Murdered Victim TaGia Soles-Armony Speaks to the World


The late Tagia Soles Armony seen here holding her baby. Soles was visiting the Bahamas when she was gunned down in a carjacking back in 2009. We don’t know where her accused murderer is now-a-days as he is on bail for her murder. Why are there soo many women being slaughtered in the Bahamas and nothing is being done?

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I awoke this morning at 4:00 A.M. and logged on to the internet to read the news of the previous day.  I usually log on to the New York Times, Huffington Post, Nassau Guardian, Tribune and Bahamas Press and was greeted by the Bahamas Press headline that the murderer of TaGia Soles-Armony was granted bail by Justice Jon Issacs. This was something I expected as although the accused young man was charged, he has not received a trial within a reasonable time and it would be unjust that he should remain on remand.

On most occasions when Justice Issacs is noted in the news, it is when he has rendered a ruling which offends the public perception of what should happen to persons accused of a criminal offence.  At such times, I find myself admiring his steadfast commitment to the “Rule of Law” and his courage to uphold the Constitution of The Bahamas. However, as he is only a part of the entire “Judicial System”, his actions are ineffectual in maintaining the perception of the “Rule of Law” and we as citizens are faced with the “Rule of the Jungle”.

This saddens me because I wish to continue to believe in a concept of Right and Wrong but find it difficult when faced with increasing examples of the failure of our country to address the root cause of lawlessness that pervades our existence.  It is ironic that in the 1980’s Commission of Enquiry report so much focus was devoted to the politicians who may or may not have benefited from the illicit drug trade that we did not address the finding that our society exhibited a pervasive culture of corruption. Even more ironic is the fact that the primary focus of the Commission was the one who recognized that our country was headed in a direction which required a draconian course alteration.

Today we are faced with the “Except for Me” principle which explains why there are so many of us who think it acceptable to purchase our drivers licenses or to run a red light or “borrow” something without permission. The rules apply to everyone else, but I am the exception to the rule.  I need not wait my turn to be served as I have an important meeting to attend or my time is too valuable.  I can jump the line at BTC, BEC or the movies.  I don’t have to worry because I have the “hook up” and I can back door my passport application. The rules apply for everyone else “Except for Me” and we now have a lawless society where only the strong survive and there is no justice for all.

I keep fighting with the question of G-d’s presence in the world and the prohibition against taking a life.  I know that in the bible there are many instances where it is commanded that for various transgressions a man shall be put to death. But this does not seem to accord with the commandment “thou shall not kill”.  Is there a difference between a person killing and someone being put to death?

While I am driving or at home or when I am praying and my mind dwells on TaGia, there is the urge to obliterate those responsible and those remotely responsible.  The many scenarios end with me taking a weapon and driving by the thugs and letting loose with a hail of gunfire. The thugs are no more and I am not satisfied.

Then I think of the young man in prison and why he has not been tried for the offense.  I look at TaGia’s pictures and see her smile and curse him for what he has taken from me.  I try to understand the reasons for his actions and in my rational mind I understand. But in my emotional being there is the need that is not satisfied by his trail or death. There is a need for an understanding of G-d’s presence in the world and the prohibition against taking a life.

I do not see myself as being more intelligent or spiritual than the next person and as a result, I often think of myself as being out of step with the rest of the world. I ask why is it that we train our young men to take life in preparation for war and yet it is against the law that I should take the life of someone who has taken my life. I look at this world and see the many instances of men taking the life of others.  I see the genocide in the Congo and in the Middle East.  I see the hypocritical politicians inciting their constituents to hate all those who do not agree with their points of view and I see those same politicians justifying policies which denigrate humanity while preaching that it is in the best interest of all.

All of this leads me to question the validity of a moral system of behaviour.  If it is acceptable to take the life of another in war, then is it not also acceptable to take the life of one who has taken my life? If it is acceptable to cut spending on social programs with the knowledge that in so doing many person will die as a result, is it not acceptable to take the life of one who has taken my life? If society is not able to protect me from those who would injure me, then am I not free to protect myself and my family? If society will not prosecute those who commit the most heinous of crimes, then I am not free to take the law into my own hands?

I cannot answer Yea or Nay. It is a matter of faith.


Gordon Soles


[Editor’s NOTE: May She Rest in Peace…AMEN!]


  1. Dear Mr. Soles

    I read this letter and it has touch my heart. I know it must be really hard on you and your baby girl, not having your wife and her mother around, but may she Rest In Peace. It’s sad knowing that the man or men responsible for this crime has been let out to mingle with others knowing what he did. He will get his day if not by the law by God’s Hands. I will keeping praying for her justice and for you and your family, so you guys will be able to have a peace of mind in the meantime. Right now the only thing you can do is be there for your little girl, so she will never forget who her mother was.

    Wishing you a Peace of Mind!

  2. This is sad. when is the Bahamas going to change. Do we need a vigilante? The courts sure aint doing it. murderers on the streets

  3. This is very sad……I just don’t know what else to say other than my prayers are with this family. Our justice system have failed us. I keep praying for someone to pinch me, because I feel like I am trapped in a horrifying nightmare. Where people are going around killing others in the most gruesome way and the courts, oh my god!!! The courts keep letting the murderers out on bails and in some cases even letting them go completely free. There are no justice for the victims or their loves ones. I have been here sobbing the whole time. Oh, how I wish it was just a dream.

  4. keep in mind it is alleged
    one thing we have to remember as far as the courts are concerned everyone is innocent until proven guilty, no way we can keep people locked up forever without proving or submiting evidence in a trial, so until this thing gets fixed look for more bail-ees

  5. Its a very sad story….the criminals are reigning supreme in this country. They are the ones who seemingly have all the rights. Its not surprising that so many persons are dying in vain. No hope for justice anywhere in this town. The thugs operates on the asumption that they will not have to pay for their actions and in most cases they turn out to be right. By the time this creep appear in court his lawyer would only have to spew out some crap about a poor over the hill boy who through no fualt of his own happen to lead a life of crime – we’ll soon forget the real victim in all of this. May he pay the ultimate price for this senseless act and may his soul burn in hell.

  6. mr.Gordon Soles,i am gravely sorry for your loss for such a beautiful daughter to be taken away by some no good sonaofbitch,but alas your pain will soon ease because like the Bible says a man reaps what he sows and believe me judgement will fall on his ass but may her soul rest in peace.

  7. I too hear your cry and I’m am sadden for your lost! However I believe much could be done, if the law does not change, then the bail should be out of reach at a half million at least! Second, Gordon, you are an attorney and this is the system that soo many of your lawyer collegues enjoy the benefits of, I hope that you would now lead the charge and advocate for the bail laws to change, especially in cases of murder! It is sad that it had to happen to one of you (lawyers)for you feel and understand the pain that soo many other families feel everyday!!!

  8. I really can’t fathom how this young man who murdered this beautiful young lady while nursing her baby could have been given bail, and a mere $30k at that.

    So basically, while this young lady is 6ft deep, this young man will be eating steak and lobster, watching the nba finals and have some junglists gal massaging him.

    I really would like to know what in the hell is this judicial system trying to accomplish, could it be that they are trying to create an animal culture of an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. I mean, given the privy council overturning of a death penalty case and now this, what do they expect the reaction of the relatives to be. The judicial system cannot be that stupid and blind.

    I think we are seeing the beginning of the end for this country, because even the great USA recognize that slow justice is no justice, and death penalty means death.

    God-help-us-all because as the saying goes, today for you tomorrow for me.

  9. Hello Gordon:

    My heart ached as you shared your thoughts with those of us who care… your expressions mirror mine… Sin in the heart of man has no reason to be, except that it finds it’s life via self seeking and rebellion towards Authority whether human or Divine…. As you face a situation which cannot be changed by human intervention (for as you indicated even if you had the opportunity and were able to retalliate similarly) yet you would find no real, lasting satisfaction in doing so and although it may seem somewhat lame in the face of such insurmountable odds, yet, my prayer for you is that you will receive the peace which passes all understanding, that which is only Divinely provided…

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