PLP General from constituency in the east gets beat-up then chased by wife with car around the Mall at Marathon…


PLP general and attorney being chased by wife in black jeep.

Nassau, Bahamas – Deep-seated problems have hijacked the ruling PLP Government supporters, as it appears that these days even one of their own has landed himself a heap of trouble at home.

Over the weekend, the prominent attorney and PLP General decided to snatch up the weekend in a getaway from his home and wife and head to the RND theaters in the Mall at Marathon to juice in da backseat at the movies.

Well ya know BP was live on the scene as usual, eating popcorn and sipping on one super sized coca cola drink [with plenty ice], when all we could hear was swearing and loud breakdown noises in the back. Loud unchristian outbursts flew over my head like a missile. I thought it was all part of the action movie as I turned over to da wife to tell her what a great surround sound RND had.

Then came da Bahamianese, “….ya B*^%& take dat!” All over my head were blows and left jab swings. Before ya knew it, every eye in the show was facing the back. The man’s wife, da sweetheart and da big-time attorney husband were all in one threesome big brawl in the movies. I quickly positioned my spanking new BTC GOLD I-phone 6 to catch the action for yinner online. And while recording, lo and behold there in da seat of dem dutty chairs was da sweetheart’s green G-string stuck in the chair. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?

Still sucking on dat big jug a coke, my eyes opened wide-wide as da scene was like watching some Evander Holyfield versus Floyd Mayweather fight. This was brutal! Before ya know it, some watching the brawl was cussing just like at ringside, counting da blows.

In a snap, quickly remembering the kind of environment nowadays of bullets and guns, I slipped out like a Wizard of Oz munchkin through the exit and haul to the parking area of the mall thinking I had escaped some deadly violence. But it wasn’t over.

Catching my breath after all that running outside, lo and behold the lawyer was running towards me. He was hauling with jet speed from around the mall corner, and behind him was a jeep with da wife inside pressing the accelerator to the floor trying to catch up and/or run over her cheating husband. Boy, I don’t know who to think was the victim after all this drama.

Look what Nassau has come to! I then thought…how I ga get outta dis before someone start licking off shots! Run back inside and get trapped there or stay out here and get rolled over? Man, dis was serious! In every direction where the husband ran, so was the wife with her special driving skills, all seatbelt up behind da wheel.

Then relief came. The mall police ran to the car and ordered the driver to stop in da name of da LAW!

The attorney, we understand, was once considered the respectable mayor of his community, now looka him…chasing skirt, pulling down g-string in da movies and breaking Bolt’s record in the 100m. We hope he signs up for the IAAF this year.

Meanwhile, da sweetheart didn’t finish what she started. Ahh, well. She was left ‘raggie’ like a doll with weaves out of place in one hand, and high heels in the next.

Look what da PLP general dem coming to: chasing dreams and getting chased with jeeps. Mannn dis getting serious.

All we say is this: “Boy? If ya don’t laugh you ga cry!” It ain’t Long Nah!

We report yinner decide!