Is the PLP leadership lost in this 2017 election? Y’all think dey know the end is near?

PLPs abandon candidate in North Abaco.

Nassau, Bahamas – PLP leaders are running scared and for the first time we believe the CDR [Christie, Davis and Roberts] are concerned with what is ahead.

The Party leadership hauled-ass into Abaco after less than 20 persons showed up for the community information event organized by the North Abaco MP.

BP has learnt the party’s top brass got the shock of their life after FNM rallies in both north and south Abaco showed that Dr. Hubert Minnis is about to deliver twin babies both in the north and south of Abaco.

PLP residents tell us the issues in the area are serious and for one the time to come and talk is not the best.

Boy, all we ga say is this: Ya can’t repeat a victory if ya can’t recall how ya get into power in the first place.

We report yinner decide!