PLP Massive two-mile motorcade on Grand Bahama flips support GOLD in that part of the country…


New BBB Analytics numbers projects a major swing towards the PLP on Grand Bahama Island!

PLP GOLD RUSH TSUMANI support base showed up at MEGA RALLY on Grand Bahama last night.

Nassau, Bahamas – If there is one sure thing that occurred last night for the Progressive Liberal Party it is the fact that it’s support on Grand Bahama island is huge. HUGE!

Last evening the PLP converged its first major rally on Grand Bahama island and the event not only shutdown the “talks” that Grand Bahama was lost, but it forced the Free National Movement into an emergency meeting late into the night. The FNM is now in trouble on that island!

We understand key supporters from TEAM NEKO were at the PLP massive event suggesting a huge break of support away from the FNM!

Thousands of hardcore PLP supported gathered around its headquarters blocking the roads and streets as a Carnival Love fest began with its supporters. A two mile long motorcade stretch one coming from West End and another from East end meandered along the highways forcing a huge number of supporters to follow.

The crowd gathered, we can confirm, was the biggest and the loudest event to be held since campaigning began this year and dwarfs all opposition events including the FNM’s latest events on New Providence this past Thursday and Tuesday.

“We have just begun! We were always working hard to get the mechanics in our party organization right. We are now ready and all our material have been deployed! We are now strong! We are Solid! And we know we will win major key seats not just on Grand Bahama island but across the entire Bahamas for the PLP,” a key PLP strategist noted.

BBB Analytics has new polling coming out of Grand Bahama and those now project a majority seat victory for the PLP on Grand Bahama. We shall share more on this in the coming days…

Today on New Providence the PLP Marathon Constituency has organized a Mini PLP Rally, Motorcade and Easter Fun Day. The Motorcade is set to begin at 5pm and the rally at 7PM. The the motorcades will converge onto Claridge Park.

We report yinner decide!

FNM poor crowd on Grand Bahama last night.

PLP MASSIVE GATHERING on Grand Bahama last night.