PLP propagandist at ZNS cannot separate his politics from his profession…


BIAS News Director attacks Dr. Hubert Minnis on national radio…HOW LOW WOULD ZNS GO??? FIRE DEM!!!

Dr. Hubert Minnis publicly attacked by ZNS NEWS DIRECTOR!
Nassau, Bahamas – If there is one thing that will take out the PLP this election it will be the victimization at ZNS against the FNM.

PLP propagandists on national radio every afternoon have proved that it’s time for them to begin packing their bags! Today the duo of two hardcore PLP radio announcers, who we believe have influence high up inside the leadership of the party, began their show attacking and slamming Dr. Minnis before callers could get in.

The host, who is also in charge of the newsroom at the BCB, began hurling attack after attack against the leader of the FNM. ZNS, we believe, has victimized the FNMs and it’s all because of some DUTTY PLPs down at the corporation! This is WICKED AND WRONG!

The show, which airs every afternoon, went as far as calling out the FNM Leader. BP remembers when the same was done to the PLP back in 2012 just before the general elections and, well, the rest is history.

We call on the powers that be at ZNS and deep inside the PLP to STOP DA VICTIMIZATION AT ZNS! Get the JACKASS AND JUNGALISS OFF THE DAMN AIRWAYS! ZNS IS SUPPLEMENTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE BAHAMAS NOT any political party! Why ‘dey’ have to abuse the public air in this way and bring low persons seeking to serve the country! No Bahamian in their right mind can support this lack of professionalism at ZNS!

VAT taxpayers pay the salaries at ZNS and Dr. Minnis should not be ignored or insulted by ‘dese dutty pants dreds’ on national radio! STOP IT!

Anyway it ain’t long nah! We ain’t gat long!

We report yinner decide!