PLPs hope Andre Rollins can take Obie Wilchcombe with him out of Parliament!


A BP Special Friday Election Report

MPs for West End/Bimini Obie Wilchcombe and Fort Charlotte Andre Rollins

Parliament was not created for suspects with bipolar traits or disloyal people

West End – The people of Bimini and West End should take another look at who they seek to represent them. Shake this impostor off like grave yard dust from your shoes he has ALL THE WRONG, West End Moves. 

Bahamas Press team on the island of Grand Bahama tonight is reporting trouble for the PLP in that community and in West End the team is reporting even more trouble.

The candidate vying for the seat, Obediah Wilchcombe, aka the SNITCH of the Century, has been an abysmal failure for the people of Grand Bahama, and for generals within the PLP a colossal disappointment.

If yinner don’t believe it just ask the big-time PLP who is known in popular circles by a zodiac sign. Well that famous PLP told BP to tell Obie never to please return a call. That general we understand had helped to organize scores of supporters in Wilchombe’s selfish bid for the PLP Deputy Leadership. “Wilchcombe put all those loyal PLPs who had once believed in him and the organization in turmoil. 

He has been no good for Grand Bahama, Baha Mar, West End, and Bimini. What happen to the promise he made to the PLPs to empower when he became Minister for Tourism? Only the foreigners who have no ties to the country and his new sweetie who owns a hotel out west can boast of his works. What a disgrace!

Only FNMs deep inside the Tourism office can boast of Wilchcombe’s support for them. Da PLPs? All victimized! This is Unbelievable! Unspeakable!

And if what we say is true just ask the PLP 2017 candidates ratified for the General Elections if Wilchcombe showed up to support their ratifications – da West End Move could not be found.

PLPs know the choice is clear!! And that choice IS NOT Obie Wilchcombe who has no future as leader of the PLP, even though we know that is what he is gunning for. That ended when he called for the removal of Mr. Christie on Jones and Co. back in 2007. Remember Dat?

When Andre Rollins bid farewell to the Bahamian Parliament on Wednesday of this week, that reminded us to make this point. People with bipolar traits should not, and knowingly could not, sit in Parliament. We Bahamians have elected several mistakes and we should not repeat the same!

Good bye Rollins and Good Riddance!!!! Wichcombe we hope you are next!!

We report yinner decide!

PS: Team FNM is expected down here in GB, going head to head against the PLP and boy…we hear the people of Grand Bahama done in dey bed early waiting for Dr. HUBERT MINNIS to arrive. Dey tell us dey ga crown him King of da North on Friday, a move which can send shockwaves and create a wave across the country for the FNM. This one ga be good.