PM Minnis looks to the former DNA Leader Branville for political life!


Minnis turns to Branville, Chipman attacks PM and D’Aguilar tells PM he will not run in 2022! – ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE On Sinking FNM Ship!

Former DNA Leader Branville McCartney and PM Hubert Minnis

NASSAU| Things are looking shabby for the Free National Movement going into the next general elections and, from the looks of this and the current polling numbers, even the seat of Killarney is now in play!

Minnis needs 10 new candidates to run within his Team FNM for 2022 which includes a replacement for his deputy leader Kevin Peter Turnquest, the MP for East End, Grand Bahama.

Minnis is keeping his cards close to his chest but a number of FNM MPs will not seek reelection into the next big dance.

We are learning not offering for a 2022 bid is the current MP for Freetown Dionisio D’Aguilar, who has already made known his intentions to the Prime Minister. What a blow! And with Brent Symonette gone, Minnis is left to go down with this sinking ship.

We can tell you plans are being made ready by Minnis to seek the support of former DNA Leader Branville McCartney to help prop up the FNM’s struggling and depressing numbers at the polls. Popularity for the PM has slipped below 25%, the lowest numbers ever in history for a PM after serving two years at the top! It is bad! And we doubt the desperate plan will even work with a Minnis-Bran combination.

It is most likely Branville will decline any offer by the Minnis camp as he is presently going through an even tougher personal battle at the moment and has no interest in politics!

We can tell you the crumbling FNM support base got worse last week when Centreville MP Reece Chipman abandoned the party, laying loads of insults on the record of the Parliament against Hubert Minnis, calling the Prime Minister “Mr. Politics”. The Speaker welcomed the attacks on the PM by Chipman as he too is sick and tired of the regime!

But we got a snapshot as to why Chipman haul ass last week. PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis has dispatched his first wave of solid foot soldiers on the ground of the Centreville where a meeting, the size of which has not been seen in that community since the days of Lynden Pindling and Alphie Maycock. The single move has caused the complete collapse of the FNM branch on the ground and all we know is this: the people have returned home to the PLP!

We report yinner decide!