Defence Force assist in DC3 plane survivors!

Survivors of the plane crash grateful for Defence Force rescue.

NASSAU| The Royal Bahamas Defence Force received a call earlier this afternoon from Air Traffic Control advising of a DC3 plane that had crashed in the area of Old Fort Point, in New Providence.

Vessels from the Coral Harbour Base as well as the Harbour Patrol Unit were immediately dispatched to investigate. Patrol craft P-126 Coxswained by Petty Officer Everette Rolle found two life-jacket clad males, both Florida residents, in the vicinity of the crash, floating.

They rescued the men who were conscious but obviously shaken up. They also recovered some of the items littering the waters from the downed aircraft and brought the two men safely to Coral Harbour Base.

They were seen by Force Medical Personnel and taken to hospital in RBDF Ambulance for further medical examination. Representatives from Civil Aviation, the Bahamas Air Accident Investigation Department, the Royal Bahamas Police Force were also present.

Investigations are ongoing.