PM Minnis Protects Criminals and the CORRUPT!


Why has Duane Sands not been ordered to RESIGN FROM CABINET if PM Minnis really believes in FIGHTING CORRUPTION?

Nassau – Bahamas Press is still waiting to hear the explanation for how Omar Archer, a convicted felon, is now a Registrar in the Ministry of Works? PM Minnis PROTECTS the CORRUPT!

They first made him head of security at BAIC. He got run after the first fire in the area and Chairman Michael Foulkes told the Minister that it was either him or Archer and said, “I am not working with a criminal.”

Omar is now the Registrar for Contracts with responsibility for ensuring contractors who bid on contracts are compliant with the legislation.

Police once sought Omar after posing with a shotgun online. One thing is certain though: PM Minnis Protects The Corrupt!

We report yinner decide!