Police officer recorded and ciruclated multiple sex tapes with minors! WHAT IS DIS?


Police officer beaten bloody by women after getting caught ‘JUICIN schoolgal’ – Is this officer still on the JOB or was he promoted?!

A BP BREAKING REPORT!!! >>> Will this police officer, who captured and circulated this video clip on social media with him ‘JUICIN’ this schoolgirl be arrested? Or will they now try arrest BP for reporting the matter to the police and reporting it to the public??

When these lil gals ain’t online playing FARMVILLE – ‘DEY JUICIN’ police! What next!!!???

Bahamas Press is LIVE!!!!

Editorial NOTE: Bahamas Press has been blocked from facebook following this report!

VAT PSA 14 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.

PSA 18 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.