Preacher’s HOT wife, a young mother, catch feelings for young Bahamian doctor…

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NASSAU| A local preacher’s hot wife has a crush on a young doctor in the country and the doctor is getting weak. 

The medical doctor, who is a close friend of a former disgraced PM, caught up with the preacher’s hot wife at a local restaurant in the capital and begged for him to take her for a ride on his boat.

The preacher’s hot wife has a young baby and is said to be “neglected” by the pastor who is busy with the work of the church. 

The doctor feels guilty to mess with the preacher’s wife mainly because both he and the preacher are close friends. 

Boy we ga say this; the doctor should be careful around Nassau ’cause these killers do call ya outside at 5am in the morning and drive off in a silver Japanese car. Leave that preacher’s hot wife alone!

We report yinner decide!