Prime Minister Signs Exigency Order for Hurricane Affected Islands‏


Hubert Ingraham



(No. 1 of 2011)


The Minister of Finance, pursuant to the provisions of Item 12 of Part B of the Fourth Schedule to the Tariff Act, hereby declares the following Exigency to be an Exigency which qualifies for the purposes of the exemption permitted under the said Item 12, namely:-

the urgent need for goods specified in Schedule A hereof which the Minister is satisfied are intended for the relief of residents in the Islands listed in Schedules B and C hereof who suffered hardship or loss as a result of the Hurricane Irene,and whose claims/applications in respect of such goods in respect of Part A and Part D hereof are certified by the Director of The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), in respect of the Farming Industries in Part B hereof by the Director of Agriculture, and in respect of the Fisheries Industries in Part C hereof by the Director Fisheries.

The Minister of Finance further declares that the importation of goods under the provision of the said Item 12 are only permitted during a ninety (90) day period commencing 1st September 2011 for Islands under Schedule B and during a six (6) month period commencing 1st September 2011 for Islands under Schedule C.

An individual located anywhere in The Bahamas who suffered hardship or loss to property as result of the Hurricane Irene may also apply for duty relief and will be certified by the appropriate official.



Part A

Building materials

Electrical fixtures and materials

Plumbing fixtures and materials

Household furniture, furnishing and appliances

Part B (Farming Industry)

1. Supplies for the reconstruction and repair to greenhouses, including

plant sleeves, timers, plant pots and soil-less growth.

2. Supplies for the reconstruction and repair to poultry houses.

3. Supplies for the reconstruction and repair of irrigation systems.

4. Nursery stock for the re-establishment of fruit orchards.

5. Items required for fencing.

Part C (Fishing Industry)

1. Galvanized sheeting and other materials used in the construction of

fishing habitats.

2. Fishing boats

3. Fishing gear and apparatus

Part D

Motor Vehicles

Motor Cycles

Golf Cart

Schedule B


Long Cay


Rum Cay

San Salvador


Ragged Island

Schedule C

Cat Island


Where any abuse or misuse of goods imported under this Declaration is observed, the goods may be seized and disposed of in accordance with Section 83 of the Customs Management Act.

Dated this 30th Day of August, 2011

Signed by the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, Prime Minister

Minister of Finance


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