Private resident restored destoryed cannon replica



A private resident saw this cannon that sit just down the hill from Fort Charlotte in its ruin state and decided to pump private funds into restoring the replica. We at Bahamas Press salute that wonderful resident, and applaud them for their kind generosity. It is this kind of nation builder we believe should run for official office in The Bahamas, were they place the nation above themselves.

Bahamas Press reported on the condition of this cannon a few weeks back on our blog. We captioned then our photo below, how this cannon appeared as an example of the state of neglect in the country, falling to ruins. The bad ‘LATE AGAIN’, ‘WUTLASS’ media in the country after seeing a peep of this blog decided to cover the story of the repair. (AFTER THE FACT) ZNS and the BIAS Tribune both saw the repair story as a way to show the urgent attention given to the state of the country, however we the people (some now 161,203 readers) who weekly lock in and read this blog know better. The ‘wutlass’ media never reported the condition of the cannon prior to its repair, knowing it is the route millions of tourist travel into downtown Nassau. We the contributors of this Bahamas Press ask one simple question to those in media, what else are they trying to hide, deflect, discard or cover up in this country?


The cannon in a state of ruin when we at Bahamas Press reported its condition.


  1. Hold up …. that place musems and monuments or even public didnt fix the cannon?….wow

    so why bother to have ZNS do a story on it when it was damaged? I mean they even said that it would cost some 20k or there aboutto repair and had the gov. people on camera talkin bout it and still the gov drop the ball on repairs?dam wutless seems fitting.

    but i guess if could pass the bill off to someone else and put that money else where i would be a good politician and do the same. makes ya wonder

  2. Just to say thanks to that private citizen who knows the value of preserving our heritage.

    We really appreciate what has been done…….THANKS.

    It’s too bad that Charles Maynard and this WUTLESS FNM Government doesn’t have the same care and concern…..They must have seen the broken cannon themselves, or at least should have read about it when they visted this site.

    And to think we are paying the salary and perks of a Minister of State who is supposed to GUARD AND PROTECT OUR CULTURE AND HERITAGE!!!!

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