Prosecution tells court they are not ready with the case involving former Minister for the Environment….


Defence attorneys have moved for the case to be dismissed!

Magistrate Court

Nassau – Bahamas Press is learning that the case involving Ken Dorsett has been postponed for the fourth time in one week as the Attorney General’s Office confirmed that it is ill prepared to proceed with the matter at this time.

You would remember Bahamas Press reported how the Government got a serious tongue lashing from UK QC Edwards Jerkins on the collapse of the case and advised that all the charges be dropped.

The government then moved that all extortion charges be dropped and sought to continue with bribery charges.

Well, today the Crown moved that the matter be once again adjourned as there is no movement still on the matters.

Imagine that! The prosecution was all ready to arrest and go to trial but, now that the matter has collapsed in their face, they call for an adjournment four times in one week!

Now we are learning that lawyers representing Mr. Dorsett are considering to file for a dismissal of the case.

We report yinner decide!