Roscoe W Thompson III says PM Minnis will go down as the WORST PM the Bahamas has ever seen!



Abaco! My home that I love!

It’s been a while since I have said anything on FB. I can bash this Administration but they don’t need it, they are doing it to themselves. Minnis will go down as the worst PM the Bahamas has ever seen.

Never thought those words would come out my mouth but yes Worse than PGC! The people of Abaco are suffering, you add duty back onto food and numerous other items.

Did you not say Abaco would be a duty free zone for 3 years? DRA a waste of time, people still got vouchers but can’t do anything! Material gone to waste at a location beds and Sheetrock destroyed.

How much does the DRA ministry cost us a Year? 4-6 million in operation cost? Get rid of it and use that money to assist people in Abaco. I know election is coming and I will say this I Roscoe W Thompson III will be running in the next election as a Independent candidate.

I will not play party politics but represent the people of my community. Someone who won’t back down and who is will to fight for his people and their needs. I won’t be no ones puppet. Let me repeat that I will be NOONES PUPPET.

We need representation for a change! Everyone have a great night. Water off, power off and this Govt really has done a number on us!


Roscoe W Thompson III