Gov’t hires two brothers who have an insatiable level of greed to keep sucking on the nipples of the public purse!

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis
Charles and Vaughn Albury

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning the Cabinet of the Bahamas has taken on two more misfits at the expense of taxpayers.

We are learning Charles Chuckie Albury and his brother Vaughn Albury have both been recently hired contractually by the Government of the Bahamas. Both are collecting their pensions and are now back on the public dole as the latest wards of the state…MY GOODNESS!

The greedy appetite of some to continuously suck on the nipple of the public purse goes unabated. With all the challenges of unemployed gripping the nation it is no wonder taxes are so high in this country.

Vaughn Albury has had a long stellar career at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas and would have been receiving a handsome retirement package from the Corporation.

He retired last year. But now with the assistance of Minister Jeffery Lloyd, Vaughn sits in the communication department of the Ministry of Education.

Why is he needed when public schools across the country are still closed with children locked into their beds late into the morning for lack of internet services?

Shouldn’t there be a hiring of more teachers to reach those who have fallen off the cliff during this pandemic? What is this?

Charles ‘Chuckie’ Albury has been rehired as a CONSULTANT at the Parliamentary Registry and is allegedly being paid $60,000.00 per annum on top of his pension.

He yinner should know recently retired from the Ministry of Tourism which you know has a number of foreign bank account unaudited from the Public Treasury. He gets a sweet pension after his years in the service so what is this now?

Mind you PM Hubert Minnis warned against this kinda foolishness happening under his watch! The country cannot sustain this level of insatiable greediness! Boy I tell ya! 

We ga report and let yinner decide cause ya’ll paying the high bills on these waste a time people.